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What has to be the selling text?

the Selling text are a door. And if behind this door a garbage can, the loutish shop assistant or virtual emptiness, then the buyer quickly leaves the website. The selling text cannot work in itself. It needs the help.

Facing from time to time need to strengthen the selling force of the page of the website, I noticed that I pay attention to not text instruments of belief of buyers more and more. It is unlikely I will be able fully to prove all used decisions, but I set as the purpose of article discussion of the observed phenomena, but not postulation of axioms.

Different algorithms of writing of the selling texts contain different quantity of steps or blocks from which it is offered to collect a unique formula of sales for concrete goods (service). But authors of these councils wonderfully cling only to words and letters as if got stuck at the beginning of 90 - x when the text was the only optimum way of filling of the page of the website. Seldom when the offer to dilute paragraphs at least with the image of the most offered goods will meet. Though obtains 95% of information of people from “reading“ of images, but not their scrupulous description.

In modern conditions the text - only one of sale elements. What ingredients should be added to the modern selling text that from fast broth it turned into full-fledged soup?

It is necessary to begin, perhaps, with understanding that there is no text on the Internet at all, and there is a hypertext. So it is worth including in the “lighting“ paragraphs of the reference to the detailed description of goods or service at once - “toropyg“ will miss exile and will pass to contacts, and here for pedantic natures existence of the binding bridge between short and full descriptions will look website advantage.

No matter how there was short, intriguing and capacious a selling text, at quantity of symbols more than 140 (yes Twitter in hell will burn down!) many a web - surfers already wrinkle a nose: “There is a lot of bukaff!“. Therefore use “anchor“ (anchor) - of HTML - the reference allowing to pass quickly from the readable paragraph to a certain place on the page (or even to a certain place on other page). Such “anchor“ will allow the client to pass to actions at once, without scrolling the page to the bottom (or on the contrary, to come back to phone specified in a website cap).

We will return to pictures . The selling page is not the catalog, but couple of photos (it is desirable own production - searchers appreciate unique content) should be added. It is simple to developers and distributors of programs to forget a sin about screenshots and the block - schemes. Especially as means of html - imposition allow to include small previews which are developed to the utmost by click of a mouse in the text long ago.

For sellers of the difficult equipment there is a fine design tool - infographics . It was actively used still by the Soviet magazines and capitalist newspapers. The USA Today newspaper became the cult edition only thanks to this type of submission of information. Which - who says even about death of a copywriting as ordinary “clerks“ will not give also a shred of that effect how many can give the graceful graphic decision. Of course, it so far only statement of theorists, far from reality of the RuNet, but the fact remains: the skillful combination of the text and graphics allows simply, visually and quickly to tell about difficult and boring. Whether so not to master Illustrator and Photoshop, the friend is a copywriter? I will risk to give visual representation of this article as an example of infographics (see rice. “infographics: visualization of thoughts of the author“). In drawing, by the way, all councils for optimization of the selling text so it is possible not to read further are brought together.

If all - continued reading, then I will note an important aspect of the last year: surely optimize the text under smartphones and tablets. Do not forget users of Opera mini. In the article “End of Journalism, or Kamo of a Gryadesha?“ I wrote about how new devices “kill“ the text of a classical formation, replacing it with short paragraphs and capacious headings. For commercial texts it is even more significant, than for newspaper articles. The person is ready to spend money (it is the only way to show that it has them!) . And we just want that someone pushed to purchase, gave excess argument for belief of own reason in correctness of the made action. Therefore will roll an eloquent sheet on the small screen of the smartphone with an inexcusable mistake.

In conclusion I will mention references to groups in social networks or blogs. I will tell honestly, itself I do not pay attention to them. But various market researches claim that many visitors of the website pay attention to existence or lack of badges of Facebook, Vkontakte or Google+. However, I did not manage to find out that visitors counted as the positive moment: existence of these icons or their absence.