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The child wants to play sports? We choose the trainer of

Each parent wants that development of his child was comprehensive. While the imparted knowledge and abilities, culture of behavior and the general hygiene help the child grow at the worthy member of society, physical development guards its health.

Sports activities and physical culture promote not only to strengthening of health, but also are directly connected with an intellectual evolyutsionirovaniye. To it there is a scientific confirmation, but you, probably, and managed to notice that lively children perceive much quicker and remember information, and also are capable to switch quickly from one subject to another and to combine different types of information. They are more curious, and not for nothing call them why-askers.

Once to the child there is not enough playground and the bicycle. When he shows desire to register in sports section, before parents there is a task to find it.

At first sight in it there is nothing difficult. In the cities there are a lot of different sports clubs and schools, but as any same organizations, they are similar only the specialization. You will not send the child to the first kindergarten or school? Before entrusting education and development of the child to foreign people, you inquire previously about institution and its teaching structure. Here and with sports clubs it is necessary to arrive similarly.

Sport is urged to temper not only physically, but also morally. Not to do without bruises and bruises, and they should learn to be suffered and fight for leadership in team demands ability to defend the position. However there is a big difference - to suffer traumatized in “fight“ or the hurting word of the teacher. Coaches of sports schools often forget that they are teachers and deal with even emotionally not created children`s mentality. Rash, rough jokes and offensive remarks often wound children`s vanity, cause psychological injuries, install uncertainty in own forces and further - resistant hostility to sports activities. That it did not happen to your child, approach a question of the choice of sports school and the trainer most responsibly.

What sport would not be preferred by the child, there are several general rules which will help parents to make a right choice:

• The most impulsive are coaches of football clubs. From them it is often possible to hear the obscene speech at the treatment of the child. And it will want to what parents that threw at his beloved child from the most tender age mud? But it does not mean that all trainers behave equally and if the choice of the child fell on this sport before giving it there, make small investigation. From early spring to late fall football trainings and games take place at open stadiums, and you cannot just stand nearby, to listen and observe in what manner communication between the trainer and team is conducted.

• Parents accompany small children on occupations. Communicate to several, learn their opinion and impression on the trainer. Take an interest as children of the house after trainings behave as their relations with peers and progress at school changed. As often there are injuries at trainings. The quantity and complexity of injuries depends on the mentor too.

• All sports clubs, sections and schools are obliged to pass medical commission regularly. It can be vrachebno - a sports clinic, sports federation or clinic with which the contract for service is signed. In these medical organizations strict control of a state of health of athletes and continuous communication with trainers is conducted. At such close cooperation the medical personnel are well familiar with each trainer and if you address them for council, they can recommend the good mentor for your child.

• If responses and recommendations suit you, conversation with the trainer will be the following step. The good teacher with you will not fawn or, on the contrary, to be too forward and is rough. Its manner to behave will be reserved, but disposing to communication. He will not begin to get out of replying and will directly answer all questions. The competent trainer will take an interest in health of your child, his temperament and progress at school.

• The trainer has to be tidy, tightened and polite.

• Ask from it for permission to observe training, having referred to what you want to understand previously whether you are ready to send the child to this sport. Actually one trainer has no reasons to refuse a similar request. Only those who from - for their incorrect behavior in relation to wards regularly have conflicts with parents refuse.

• During training look how children treat the mentor and to each other. The good trainer will be able always to rally children, to cultivate in them command spirit and respect for himself. If it shout has to straighten out constantly someone, but on it turn attention a little, or children lift up each other all the time, this person is not held in respect and will not introduce anything good in formation of your child, so the kid has nothing to do there.

• Nevertheless the sports trainer - not the art teacher. It cannot be quiet and peaceful. In it the owner of the hall which can both infect with energy has to be felt, and to call to order. If it is fair, will respect and listen to it. He knows when to scold when to praise and how to reconcile.

Children as sponges absorb in themselves everything that happens to them and around them. Unfortunately, not all teachers give themselves in it the report, or perhaps simply do not want to penetrate into education subtleties. They treat the profession, as usual work, without putting in it heart and soul and heart. So heartless relation it is possible to forgive at the lathe, but undertaking a facet of such gentle material as children`s mentality, it is necessary to be the master from capital letter.

I wish you to find the Master!