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Love or physiological act? How to distinguish...


We all life consciously or unconsciously aspire to the relations. So it developed that only units are capable to live alone. The bulk of mankind seeks to find the half, to have constant or short, but nevertheless the relations. All this is natural and normal. Only, sometimes there are couples in which one - looks for big and pure feeling under the name “love“, and the second - only satisfaction put by the mother - the nature of instincts. And when these two meet the different purposes in life and interests in one bed - there are tragedies, sleepless nights, the spoiled nerves and pillows, wet from tears. Very seldom one type of the relations flows in another. In the beginning physiology, and then love? In the beginning love, and then physiology? Unfortunately, it occurs very seldom. How to distinguish what is looked for by your partner in your relations? How to save itself from future disappointments? Here several insignificant, at first sight, details of which there is a puzzle - the answer.
1. The attitudes towards you at your partner obviously not serious if at your meetings he does not care for comfort. I will keep silent about a romantic situation, perhaps is given baht by the romantic not to all. But it will be prepared for visit of the partner, to provide purity, comfort, an easy dinner, a gentle music - a certain sign of attention. The physiological relations are, as a rule, selfish.
2. If during yours appointment, the partner constantly is distracted by phone calls, the coming SMS - ki, viewing of TV programs, frequent smoke breaks - you is obvious as the personality are not interesting to it. And here is how the partner in a bed - absolutely even anything …
3. Here, at last, there comes the moment of long-awaited proximity between you. Your partner selfishly cares only for the pleasure, forgetting about you? Run from it quicker. Here you not only will not see love, but hardly derive pleasure.
4. If what, occurred between you did not disappoint you and brought doubt again - love it or just sex, look narrowly at behavior of the soulmate after love joys. He hurries to show the door you quicker for a threshold, referring on suddenly the appeared urgent matters? Indifferently turns sideways, and in a couple of minutes you understand what is banal fell asleep? There is no love, it was not as if good to you.
Can provide the whole list of details, and certain trifles to which all - it is worth paying attention, but not to try to acquit the partner with his employment at work, fatigue, personal everyday circumstances. But there is such concept as intuition. Listen to it, do not wave away from the first impression. Protect the feelings and nerves. You remember if the fact that between you it is love - then is the serious relations bearing in themselves care, attention to the partner respect. Physiological sex - too it is not bad if you choose this option. But in it there are no obligations, there is no attention, there only take, forgetting to give, from it the love very seldom is born. Good luck at the front (what? to solve only to you)!

Shevtsova Olga