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What gives higher education institution? About barriers of special languages

Generally knowledge of language! In a joke: How many languages you know? Two - Russian and abusive. the Chemist will answer - Russian and chemical. The physicist - Russian and physical. And so on.

Needs of education led to differentiation of knowledge . The matter is that the western civilization reached extraordinary heights in art of a partition whole on part. We fairly succeeded in this art, succeeded so that we quite often forget to collect razjyaty parts in a whole which they once made. It is enough to tell that according to the nomenclature of VAK Russian Federation the chemistry is subdivided into 21 disciplines, of the physicist - on 23; economy - on 19. This objective tendency is also called differentiation of sciences . It is necessary at a stage of training of narrow experts. But as Kozma Prutkov fairly noticed: “The expert is similar to gumboil: its completeness odnostoronnya“.

Nevertheless, need of differentiation is objective. Perhaps, it is not the best way, but we do not know another for the solution of problems of expansion of the scientific front. Deepening to some area means for most of people as necessary refusal from superficial even understanding of other areas - there are not enough forces and time. And, apparently, in the formal way here decisions not to find. At the same time, there is a moment of the personal decision. If the person wants it, he can quite not become isolated within narrow area and seek to broaden horizons, in particular, scientific. However, if to gather in one team of various private experts, it cannot provide an integrated approach yet. Someone has to understand sufficiently all of them and “has to remain in a bench!“. It is even better if all of them are to it, at least to aspire.

Division of natural sciences into separate sciences led to a number of the negative phenomena presently. I will provide two statements about it. The academician Yu. A. Kosygin, the geologist in the specialty, summing up the result of the scientific activity, wrote: “By the end of the XX century the science was as if divided into the isolated layers... The scientific expert often became isolated in the layer, being fond in its limits of details... It created narrowness of scientific thinking, oblivion of integrity of the world which problems can be solved only by collaboration in different specialties or their interpenetration. Division into specialties creates the atmosphere of mustiness and helplessness “. Thoughts of the Novosibirsk scientist Yu. I. Kulakov amazingly coincide with the first statement: “The modern science diconnected on the local disciplinary ancestral lands which is reliably protected from each other with heights of professionalism and charters of immunity of special languages , hardly develops integration style of knowledge. But the nature in itself does not know such barriers . Scientists are obliged to provide coherence of representations, and not only within own specialization, but also in relation to other fields of knowledge“.

Here definitions of some concepts and objects which you use in everyday life in languages of experts.
of Physics will define magnetic data carriers as the ferromagnetic domain - macroscopic areas of a ferromagnetic with various orientation of spontaneous uniform magnetization.

The author (fizikokhimik) called the doctoral dissertation “Relaxation effects and a fazoobrazovaniye in the nonequilibrium condensed systems“. And work, in many respects, is devoted to ordinary glass.

In the world of personal computers virtual memory is the space on the hard drive used as addition to the RAM for data storage, yet necessary to the processor.

In language of geologists a kimberlite (rock from which mine diamonds) - the gipabissalny ultramain breed of porphyritic structure which is an eruptivny brekchiya. What term! Eruptivny brekchiya ! As sounds! Music - the truth, geological!

In science about the population “the poor states with excess demography have a totalitarian tendency at tendency to external aggression“.
of B the majority of separate words is clear to economy therefore illusion is created that everyone can understand economy without special preparation. “The exchange equation (Fischer`s equation) uniting money supply in the address, the speed of the address of money, the average price and quantity of goods is the cornerstone of monetarism“.

( of a slang ) teach a slang of thieves at prison “universities“. “the criminal in a screen at the Maidan activist Shnyrit , the guy in silence night wanders. It was plumbely, and sec. of a bananshchik. Spoke brusquely on protection to Nome: shtympel the cop cost a bla, “. Modern daily language widely uses the words of a slang italicized and provided further: to have a roof, to wet in a toilet, to receive a ksiva, you will be responsible for a market , etc.

These barriers of special languages are necessary for understanding of special literature, but disturb integration tendencies of modern natural sciences and equipment.