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Cupid. Why the symbol of love is represented by the angel with onions and arrows?

Cupid it seems as came to us from Ancient Greece. And someone knows why onions and arrows were in hands at Cupid? Not a prashcha, the weapon is more ancient also widespread at that time, not a dart (a throwing spear), namely onions with arrows?

“Know, it is love,
with it nearby Cupid,
waves wings... Know
, it is love,
heart do not hide, Cupid will not miss the mark

Lyapis Trubetskoy Group. From a song.

Well, your thoughts about it? There are no thoughts? It is a pity.

And this history why Cupid suddenly armed with onions and arrows, is quite interesting.

To understand this historical incident, we will wind off one thousand two and a half years ago and we will look at Ancient Greek army. Why incident ? And that is why.

We will look at army of that time. The most numerous and least protected part of soldiers - prashchnik, kidatel of stones. The most part of soldiers was armed with copies (generally short throwing - darts, heavy infantry - the phalanx was armed with long heavy copies). There were also elite fighters armed with bent swords - kopisa, and here archers … They were not. Absolutely. Neither in the south of Greece, nor in colonies of Northern Black Sea Coast from where Ancient Greece received grain and meat, there was no suitable material for onions and arrows punching an armor of the heavy soldier. Even sharp bronze tips did not help.

Onions were used only by hunters. And onions were the main attribute of the goddess of hunting of an Ancient Greek pantheon Artemis. She was also a keeper of all animals. Protected them as could. Also struck all who raised a hand against defenseless animals. Shot a bow, the main weapon of hunters of that time and fishers. But did not stick to the lady moreover and to the goddess to drag onions and a quiver with arrows most. There was also an armourbearer, the makhonky boy which, whether out of respect, whether on coercion, and suddenly the God`s penalty will comprehend, and dragged onions with arrows for the great goddess, without departing, to be exact without flying away from it on a step. But the naughty boy was so bothered by this monotony that sometimes when the goddess did not see, he postrelivat on the parties. This story was often drawn by Ancient Greek artists.

So why now unfortunate lovers so curse these Cupid`s arrows and happy and are glad that this got into their heart … an ancient bullet. And why many consider that: “The cupid, the character of Ancient Greek mythology (the ancient Roman name - the Cupid), the naughty winged kid, the companion of the goddess of love of Venus. Flitting at her shoulder, affects hearts of people from the onions with invisible arrows therefore in them the love flashes“.

So or many almost so think, many, many … And here the lie also disappears.

In Ancient Greek mythology Amur was never the satellite of Venus. This delusion appeared at the time of ancient Rome when the Roman legions won the earth of ancient Hellas. Then at the Roman nobility Ancient Greek plots became fashionable. And, probably, the Roman artists, redrawing the Greek plots in a new way, mixed goddesses: Artemis was beautiful too, I think, not less, than the goddess of love Venus. And then Amur began to be called “Cupid“ and to be represented not as the armourbearer of the goddess of hunting, and as the companion of the goddess of love, such hooligan, the naughty boy - the sniper that scorches without analysis and affects hearts of people with the arrows.

And safely lived in this role up to our time.

And people suffer then. From love - with …