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SFE examination. What`s next? For pupils and their parents of

the Present generation of school students underwent new experiments of the Ministry of Education. Today`s ninth-graders prepare for delivery of State Final Examination.

Teachers and tutors on Russian and mathematics tell all school course, beginning from the first class (some still did not learn to write beautifully and clear), poor children convulsively learn tickets and write papers.

And what then? What after examinations? After final? Graduates of the ninth class have two ways.

First way. This way for those who want to accelerate process of leaving school and receiving a profession. I speak about receipt in establishments of the primary professional education (PPE) - professional schools and lyceums, in establishments of the secondary professional education (SPE) - colleges, technical schools. Upon termination of NGO or SPO the graduate receives the certificate about senior secondary education and the diploma about receiving specialty on which it is already possible to work.

So if the lovely pupil thinks on - fast “to otkosit“ from boring lessons like biology and chemistry, then hardly at him it will turn out! But in respect of professional education it is necessary to know that knowledge as in higher education institution, technical schools and colleges cannot give. But it is possible to become the quite good mechanic, the mechanic, the builder or the cook of school cafeteria. After the termination of technical school or college it is possible to go to higher education institution. The Unified State Examination, most likely, is not required to be passed therefore if the child in panic is afraid of this serious examination, then such long way to the higher education will be the most comfortable and convenient for it.

Generally not successful pupils or children from the families not capable to give to the child a good education in higher education institution come to technical schools and colleges. Who is going to go to the tenth class, that automatically gets on other path of a difficult way to receiving the higher education.

Second way. If you decided everything - to go to the tenth class, then you are faced by the choice of a profile, 10 - 11 classes are a profile school. Why in general they are necessary? In profile classes profound studying of these or those objects which will be useful in future specialty is made and will help at receipt. For example, if there is a wish to be the doctor, that is the sense to go to the chemist - a biological class with profound studying of chemistry and biology.

If there is a possibility of the choice of a general education profile (that is without deepenings in some objects), then it is easier. And here if there is no such opportunity, then there is a question of the choice, especially in case the pupil did not decide on future profession yet. Here then begins: “Masha, Petya, Vasya went there, I will go - I with them, for the company, is together more cheerful“. It is not option! Even if you did not decide on future profession yet, be guided by objects which for you it is more interesting, easier, more clear.

As a rule, physics - the mathematical class is the strongest in a parallel as children at whom the mathematical thinking is developed can both understand physics, and chemistry, and biology, they perfectly developed logical thinking without which in mathematics in any way. The physicist - mathematical classes leaves … mm … physicists, mathematicians, engineers, programmers. Economists / lawyers will be trained in socially - economy class, and writers, philologists and journalists in humanitarian, will help with an esthetic class with receipt to future art critics, artists, dancers.

Well, naturally, each good and bad pupil has to know about profiles at the school. And on the Internet of this information more than it is enough. The main thing to make the right, necessary choice. The way to the higher education, to future profession, work, life begins with profile training! It is necessary to treat this choice responsibly, not to go for the company with the friend / girlfriend and not to meet mother`s desires (which, sometimes, happen not such and perspective).

After the termination of the eleventh class there are branchings of paths again. It is possible to go to institute, university, academy or all to the same technical school, college, school. It is possible not to arrive, go to work at once anywhere. It is possible to do nothing that it is good not to eat. Anyway, already in the ninth class it is necessary to think of further education, of further life. Experience says that the school students who did not decide on choice of profession in the ninth class cannot decide on it and in the eleventh. So, it is necessary already now to begin to plow open spaces of Worldwide network in search of that, a profession suitable for you!