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How to behave if you wait from the novel for something bigger

If you quite to yourself the adult person and you wait from appointment not only interesting conversation, but also something else not less pleasant, behave naturally. The man, having come to a meeting, hopes to keep the good mood, but not to be engaged in a solution of rebuses. Therefore do not try to represent from yourself what you fortunately are not. Glamourous grimaces and whimsically mumpish sponges really tire, talk on manicure and discounts causes incessant yawning, retelling of all events of day - not the purpose of your meeting. Why to share the cozy apartment - studio with the unclear person who will place the jars everywhere - sklyanochka and will expel the spiders who became the family?

Derive pleasure from light touches and caress, forget about the broken hairdress and an inhaling on stockings. Even, if you are not ready to transfer immediately your relations to the horizontal plane, vertical is not less pleasant! Do not behave affectedly and do not show false modesty if you feel something special to the man. Sincerity and absolute trust - guarantee of successful development of the relations. Your novel can quite develop into marriage if you are able to experience the person, to understand that it is necessary for it.

Be able to listen and hear the man, it is necessary for any person and you too therefore learn to carry on conversation as equals. It is some kind of psychotherapy which relieves of tension and a negative. You will feel ease from communication and need for your meetings. Believe, the man will appreciate these minutes too and to wait for them. Do not script for appointment, all your actions have to be natural and not far-fetched. If you planned to meet at restaurant, but you suddenly wanted to spend evening at home in a romantic and cozy situation, tell about it to the beloved, it will definitely not be against.

Do not forget about tactile contact with the man, slightly touch his hand, correct a lock of hair, take away an eyelash from a cheek. All this very much brings men. And gentle whisper on an ear in general dements them. The man has ability to become such what you see him. Pay it compliments like “you are the cleverest, strong, courageous and tremendous man on the earth“. He will try to be such for you.

Accept his caresses with pleasure, healthy sexuality never before harmed anybody, especially two people located to each other. Answer with tenderness and heat, playfulness and the imagination. Try to make something provocative - keep the appointment without underwear, stroke his hip and not only under cover of a cloth at restaurant. It is possible to go and is slightly farther, unzip his trousers and massage what you will find inside, bend to correct footwear and a kiss lovely “tail“ of the beloved. If you have confidential and close relations, such pranks will bring a variety your appointments.

In a passion rush never think of the torn clothes or the smeared cosmetics, be given to feelings completely and do not hide the love. Any man will not want to release such girl. You are not married because it found you or you are it. But you are still living therefore not all is lost. Well, be yourself and you will reach happiness and love!