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What can learn at the American cinema?

I warn At once, this article - especially my opinion based on my supervision and … is a little statistics. With surprise I note how there are a lot of people considering the American movies as waste of time which they are not able to afford. Especially for them I will try to spill light ray on so “dark“ (in their opinion) creation as the American cinema. what so is not enough for us …

Saying to

“what so is not enough for us“, I mean, of course, happiness. Look around - as many problems at your friends and relatives, and once you deal shortly with one, others lean! How it will turn out to be happy in such conditions?! The same also Americans think (at them at problems fully, it both crisis, and various discontent) and, unlike our cinematographers (I do not want to offend anybody at all), give the chance to people to stay happy when viewing the pictures. It is promoted by a set of factors which are not enough for domestic movies.

The first and, perhaps, my main opening is that the American cinema is brighter (first of all I mean comedies)! And the point is not that there are more paints, and in the shooting. You look narrowly as the Russian tapes differ from the American. Actors in the West are dressed more brightly, but put even not in it (more precisely, not only in it), you look at plans where there is an action of pictures - it is either the solar, or brightly lit spaces. And at us? When you last time saw at us a bright tape which was removed after collapse of the USSR? Let`s begin with that, as comedies - that at us is a little, and they are, as a rule, shot in gloomy tones and in such places that it becomes even not ridiculous!

For the sake of justice I will tell that we have normal movies, and recently such pictures become more, but cinema at us develops extremely slowly. As the proof to it serves that a box office of domestic movies even in Russia (native land) leaves much to be desired and what to speak about the abroad where our pictures practically do not show. Meanwhile movies “Made In Hollywood“ with rare exception do not appear at hire top.

And where ridiculous?

Here us is waited by the second problem. When say that in America only action films shoot, judge by level 90 - x years. In modern America, more precisely than the USA, fighters, thrillers and detective stories are at most a third of all film industry. At us this figure threatens to pass for 70%! Well and how here to rejoice when whether on the screen of dead men slightly it is no more, than in life? I understand that it is favorable to remove it while someone watches, but such people less and less, and it is more and more detectives! How not to fall from continuous viewing of such transfers to a depression - it is unclear. By the way, about “ series are happy together“ or other entertainment events. It is copies of the American versions!

The American cinema provides us a large number of production of various genres (yes, this production not always differs in a deep meaning and quality of shooting, but there though there is no effect of a “live“ chamber, as in some Russian series). Modern Russian cinema presents us a wide variety of melodramas, fighters and series with infinite number of series for every taste (though a plot nearly one everywhere).

So, having criticized domestic cinema, I can tell that it differs from American only in the gloom and when it changes - it is impossible to tell. But till this time to us is to what studies at the American directors, namely: to ability brightly, colourfully and effectively to present the movie, ability to show beautiful (well, or at least less gloomy and dim) life and abilities to show pleasure and happiness on the screen.

And that and in life is not enough of it, and on domestic screens is practically not present...