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Sensible approach to vegetarianism and other types of absorption of food of

Hryushel`s Adventure, part one or sensible approach to vegetarianism and other types of absorption of food

B far - a far mudflow, on a farm of veins - lived and fat Hryushes and his family gathered). Hryushel, was very inquisitive pig and quite often asked strange questions what his parents tried to answer as understood an essence of questions (it is commensurable to the level of development).

Hryushel: mother, mother! And me will not eat?

With children`s curiosity Hryushel asked.

Pig (mother): that is not present the sonny, apparently not. Here you see what lean owner at us.

Shows a rylets cautiously in a view of that, gathering vegetables from a kitchen garden.

Pig: Now the rawism and so on is fashionable to be the vegetarian. If only we the sonny had a grass in the field now, and that is vit as people povykhodit and vypasatsya on our lawful grass Told

Khryusha with grief and feeling of alarm in a voice.

About what there is a speech here?

Yes, recently, practically each esotericist aspires to vegetarianism, separate food or a rawism, for more advanced spiritual development. But whether really it is their choice?? Or behind this choice there is an ignorance of, the requirements, ignorance a state of affairs in thin and physical bodies? To solve everyone stepped into this way.

What gives the use of vegetable food?

Saturation by thinner energiya that positively influences the person who especially decided to become on the way of spiritual development though not always!


It is known that the person has physical, radio also other thinner bodies about which now the speech will not go. And if our physical - a radio body contains in itself a set of psychoinjuries, blocks, power splittings, deformations and t d That for such body millet, the zapityvaniye dense energy, for a biological survival in opposite cases death is vital.

And so if the person with above-mentioned blocks and t d, passes to vegetarian food, he deprives the organism of the fact that to it it is vital. The benefit that this person in a radio body has charkas having the consciousness and to rescue the person from a starvation are recustomized on absorption of dense energy from environment, in other words from people who are nearby. Yes, it is possible to call it power vampirism owing to which the person the place of spiritual development begins to accumulate a karma and to live her sufferings in this or subsequent embodiment.

How to define whether it is ready to pass your physical and radio body to a continuous power only with thin energy??

The physical and radio body is ready to it after clarification by its Spirit (the body physical begins to become Sacred, Divine) when there is no block left, and there are thin processes and qualities at all bodies.


Those who already brightened up, know it and do not need reading this article.

Those who already learned or just are able to feel the natural requirements and easily distinguish them from imposed, too do not need it.

All others, Friends, approach a mirror and look at yourself. Ask yourself a question whether I know the natural requirements?...., whether I follow them?.... And how I distinguish what imposes me society through various doctrines and promotion from the true??....

Further, look narrowly even more deeply if you know that you have a schizoid or mental character if you know that you have various power splittings if you the programmer or just have model appearance if your stomach is intense and visible a press (even if it was not swung) if you have an internal dialogue which does not give in to a stop If you have an asthenic constitution, if the first what you pay attention in front of the mirror - it is to the own harm to, the person - Reflect! Whether really you are ready to vegetarianism?!!!

Can at first, work, clear a little itself, find strong roots, and then on them it will be simpler to make a start in a spiritual height?

Dmitry Tsytrosh