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Why Tatyana rejected Onegin and what to do, having appeared in a similar situation?

Everything, think, Pushkin`s novel “Eugene Onegin“ is known. The ending at this work is rather sad and does not answer expectations of many readers, especially readers at all. Throughout all novel we waited that Tatyana - a lovely ideal, and Evgeny - the genius of a tender passion, will be together and will live long happy life. But not here - that was!

With the words

Ya you I like (to dissemble to what?)
But I is given another; a century to it I will be faithful to
Tatyana Onegina … rejects

. I admit, for me it became a bolt from the blue. Tears began to flow on my cheeks when I began to realize that somehow all not as I thought. But the hope waited still until I convulsively did not leaf through the book and did not understand that all. The novel is finished. Tatyana and Onegin not together.

Perhaps, of course, Pushkin told not everything to us, and in life of the main characters further, maybe, something turned out, just we do not know it. Perhaps years through thirty, being already elderly uncle and the aunty they decided to try joint life … About is not present, already my rough imagination was played. But I can precisely tell, without dreaming that we also can get into a similar situation. And what then to do?

In - the first to listen to itself. When we something have (in our case the man) and we have an opportunity it to change for the same, only altered (in our case on other man), we see very interesting and difficult choice: between the present and future. And we cannot precisely learn what waits for us. Tatyana could not know that she waits for her with Onegin. It had not ideal reputation and was famous for change of women as gloves therefore to be confident in unreliable Eugeny - business dangerous. Yes! It can not support or even to come over to the side of the enemy at the responsible moment. I even conducted survey, and it became clear that most of girls would not marry Eugene Onegin as it unreliable, ambitious and, mozhetbyt, even selfish. While many would like to marry Tatyana. But we will return to a subject.

In - the second to listen to reason. So, feelings made the choice, now it is necessary to think that the rejected man will feel. Having thought of the feelings, it is worth thinking of feelings of others. As how many the present beloved gave you and whether will be able future to give at least as much? If is not present, you should not change nothing. Here Tatyana, for example, respected the husband. He loved it really, wanted that it was happy and lived as the princess. Onegin for it though could make something similar? What it is capable for the sake of darling of? And why he in general only later understood more than three years that he loves beautiful Tatyana?! And? And in general, having said goodbye to the lawful spouse, Tatyana would hurt him, inconveniences of changes, awful feeling under the name “not-I can-they are to forget“. Having rejected Evgenia, Tatyana changed nothing neither in the life, nor in life of the husband, nor in life Onegina. I do not think that Evgeny was tormented by sincere torments. Though who knows? Perhaps the miracle nevertheless occurred?

In - the third to listen to others. Sometimes we so fall in love that we become blind, without noticing anything around. In this case we will be helped by the people surrounding us. More precisely, their life experience and wisdom (looking whom to address). It is possible to ask council for parents, relatives, friends, schoolmates, classmates, colleagues; it is possible even to describe in detail the situation and to ask for suggestions at forums or on social networks. The main thing that there is a lot of advisers, as a rule, the majority appears the right. Our Tatyana, of course, did not ask anybody`s councils also she in them and did not need. In the childhood she ran behind council to the nurse, and now solves everything as the adult wise woman. But if you do not consider yourself rather wise, adult and confident in the decisions as Tatyana, then, I think, it is worth consulting to someone. Some women, having made a set of mistakes on life, can advise what is necessary!

So why Tatyana rejected Onegina, though loved? Perhaps she was afraid that society will not understand it, maybe, she respected the husband and did not want to hurt it. Just in its case the reason won over feelings. She precisely knew what everything does correctly and in the future will not be sorry about this decision.

We cannot judge correctness of its choice, we cannot condemn Tatyana, it is her choice. Here it is also not necessary to be afraid to make the wrong choice! Not for nothing speak: “All that becomes - all to the best“!