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The first day of fall

On the street of heat. The thermometer shows plus twenty five degrees in a shadow. On beds flowers smell sweet, trees please with green foliage. Even not to be believed that already the end of August will come fall also soon.
C of what begins fall? Of course since September, and even, more precisely, from the first day of this month. What day such the first of September? “Day of National unity“, - Syrians will answer and will be right. For Malaysians - it is National day, for Uzbeks - an Independence Day. It is also not necessary to forget that this day millions of people of our planet celebrate the birthday.
In our country is on September 1 Knowledge Day, the first day of academic year at school and HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION, a holiday of school students and students, teachers and teachers.
At many people at the mention of the words “Knowledge Day“ recurs the first class to the memory and very first on September 1.
Eight of morning. Still cold. Drizzles a small rain. Despite everything first graders begin to approach school. Boys are dressed on - to the adult: three-piece suit and small tie or butterfly. Girls in short skirts and with traditional huge bows on the heads. Nearby there are parents proud of the children. Fathers remove on a video camera everything for family archive around, and mothers on the run correct the got-off bow of the daughter or the son`s tie which moved down sideways.
In this vanity make the way to each other school friends who left for the summer. Right there begin to share the impressions. Someone went to the sea, someone to the grandmother to the village, someone a precept a dog.
In crowd can consider faces of last year`s graduates. They already entered to the UNIVERSITY, but came to congratulate teachers on a holiday.
I, of course, everywhere flowers. Here both red roses, and carnations, and gerberas very similar to multi-colored camomiles.
At last sounds the first school call. First graders for small palms are taken by graduates and conduct in the native school. And the school never was such beautiful as this day. She looks at the world purely washed up windows, meets by a smell of svezheokrashenny walls, opens the brand new not creaking doors.
Children go on the floors shining from paint to classes unfamiliar so far where they are met by the first teacher.
Behind a window begins to shine the sun, to the yard I run out kids which still early to go to school. But first graders do not even look at them. They sit, everyone on the place, having put hands on school desks, having seriously shifted eyebrows, and listen to the teacher. They according to the status should not run in the yard with toys any more. They now not just children, they are pupils now.
For September first will be the second, third, and then and the thirtieth, but this day forever will remain in memory of first graders as day of the beginning of new and interesting life.