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I think that all had it. And you had it? As it is strange to understand

that you are only option of future girl, isn`t it? One my acquaintance, my ideal man kisses on the lips at parting only that which can quite will fit for a role of his girl. As it defines it it is hard to say. For example, once I came in a suit awfully sexual in his opinion. Still same one of two “L“ behind which girls come to New - yurk according to Carrie Bradshaw, to the main character of the movie and series “Sex and the City“. That day we met for the first time in three months. For tomorrow day not of a drop of attention in my address. What did he try to let know to me? And other girl who agrees to everything near it. And what feelings of the girl who sees it every day, and cannot do with herself anything? She just rejoices when it uses it because of option better. Whether all so petty guys, or still meet those to whom feelings more important than process?

Today I had again courage to observe for his behavior, he hinted the girl who is sexually dressed at intim, to me dressed in quite stylish new tunic and new gym shoes of which any dreamed whom do not ask, he paid a compliment, struck my outstanding bottom, and it is clear let know that that dreams of what bigger, but it will not be soon, at least from - for the girl whom it meets. It is beautiful
, growth, necessary for it (Slightly below it), and the most important at it the fourth size of a breast. She does not demand from it romanticism, they happen at school, in Bosch it is ideal. It is pleasant to it how she kisses and jumps. What did it find in it? And what it and other girls found in is mute? It is beautiful, jotas can be found more beautifully, he is clever, but replace from it my friend Nastya and we will look at its estimates and behavior, it wise and sensitive, one such of my environment. You know, having pondered upon current situation to me it seems that my ideal man so is pleasant to girls from - for lack of the choice or options on better, so it does not seem to you?

You knew that the girl of my ideal man of som suggested it to meet. Is not present? Here and I am not present as it is possible to suggest the guy to meet, same “the yin and Yan“ breaks balance. And long ago girls began to suggest guys to meet? It the same as to sleep in the afternoon, and to work at night, to be painted, and then to take a shower. It is interesting when they leave it will agree to meet me?

There passed some time, and I showed to it interest, he knows switched to another, probably it does not need problems. Do not worry and for me I switched to another, on more nicely and become kinder.

There passed several months, I do not remember it. Now it meets the girl. Long, it is not similar to it. Probably it changed, but it does not interest me any more, my heart is broken by other person. And his girl, is separate history, with the unpleasant beginning. But I am glad for it, it is its first serious relations. They love each other, and it is visible on eyes. Remembering my jealousy, it seems to me, hundred I was a full idiot. I do not want to repeat mistakes, but how to make it?