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John Ronald Rouel Tolkien, father of a fantasy. How it was?

B 1954 - m to year in sale in America the book of the author J. R. R. Tolkien unknown to public appeared. It was called “Lord of the Rings“. It had the explosive effect which stirred up all society. The book is republished in a set of languages still.

I cannot compare its popularity, circulations and a set of languages to which it was transferred (and whether the translation of “Goblin“ (on “ôåíþ“) the last was?) with one other book, except, unless, Bibles (though, certainly, and on edition terms, both on circulations, and by the number of transfers on various Bible languages nevertheless holds a palm). Though as to me it is remembered, the Goblin never translated the Bible so on Internet open spaces “Lord of the Rings“ adequately competes even with the Bible.

Ever since on the world the opinion on elves, gnomes, orks and other - other - other extended defined (places very different from traditional fantastic or legendary). Ever since and still “tolkiyenist“ and “tolkiyenuty“ go worldwide, put on as see the characters in the imagination, participate in comic fights according to the invented opportunities and abilities, carry chain armors, helmets, swords and onions. Our “re-enactors“ appeared a bit later, so, most likely, too not without influence of appeared “tolkiyenuty“.

What revolutionary in the world of writers was once, on the verge of XIX - go and XX - go centuries, Jules Verne! From clumsy inventions of his contemporaries as from ugly ducklings, he created wonderful swans - magic devices.

As in a revolutionary way described possible achievements of science at 20-30 - e years of the last century Alexander Belyaev! Here still slightly - slightly - and the mankind will escape in space, forms there, on air, islands of artificial satellites of Earth, the huge cities in zero gravity. Here still slightly - slightly - and doctors will learn to keep life to “one separately taken head“, a brain, the car for thought, takes place exactly there, and other parts of a body of the person - an essence of the servant of a brain and the human person.

And at this time in Oxford professor of department of Anglo-Saxon language, the father of three sons and one daughter told for the night to the children fairy tales. Fairy tales, to be exact - continuations of the same fairy tale, he invented. An adventure behind an adventure, evening after evening... When he decided to write down all this - the story turned out. “Hobbit, or There and back“.

“Hobbit“ was published on September 21, 1937. The first edition was sold out already by Christmas. The fairy tale got an award of “New - York Gerald Tribyuen“ publishing house as the best book of year. “Hobbit“ became the best-seller.

Demanded continuation from the author. And he began to write. But... he headed department. It had a big family. There were many affairs. And therefore it was necessary to write it at night. Well - or just in free time. Therefore readers had to wait for continuation long. Very long.

On creation of “Lord of the Rings“ at Tolkien 17 years left. The two first volumes of the trilogy left in 1954 - m to year, the last volume - in 1955 - m. From this point the world Sredizemya found independent force and began to live under own laws.

“This book, like a bolt from the blue, - the famous writer K. S. Lewis wrote. - For the history of the novel - the history which is going back to times the Odyssey is not return, but progress, moreover - revolution, a gain of the new territory“.

And then... Then was then. The author went the own way, and the world Sredizemya - the.

They were crossed and then. But the success of the Silmarillion even in small degree did not reach triumph of “Lord of the Rings“.

Thanks to a samizdat and the Internet the world of elves, orks, gnomes, magicians and “just people“ got many and many new measurements.