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Where to look for truth? About reliability of sources of information of

the Chief designer it is rocket - space systems S. P. Korolev liked to repeat: “Information has to be or truthful, or be absent“. The widespread opinion on information boom is wrong. The boom of data carriers with loss of the general severity is observed. New information has not enough.

Value judgment the author of degree of reliability of sources of information (information noise) on the basis of forty years` experience of scientific work such is.

Textbook, encyclopedia, database, explanatory dictionary. the knowledge which Here is most checked, settled, carefully edited. Information noise is equal in relative units to 1. These are outdated data and “mistakes“. For example, in the French encyclopedia Larousse in which edition of 1903 there was article: “Ivan the fourth, the Tsar of All Russia nicknamed for the cruelty Vasilyevich“. All laughed at French, however and in domestic encyclopedias did not do without funny things. These are ideological double-dealing fellows. To such “pseudo science“ as genetics, separate article in the second edition of the Big Soviet Encyclopedia is devoted, however the academician T. D. Lysenko wrote it. With all that it implies up to landings and executions. “Defeat of a mendelizm - a morganizm at August session of All-Union academy of agricultural sciences of V. I. Lenin caused rage of reactionaries from policy and science around the world“.

Original article, review, special monograph. the Main sources of scientific information with system of cross references. Information noise - 3. These are the errors of experiments not visible to editors and reviewers, new unchecked concepts.

Scientifically - the popular, informative magazine or the book. the Purpose of such editions - to interest the ordinary reader who is not knowing special languages of science, to induce him to independent search of knowledge. One of the reasons why I write to Shkolazhizni. ru, in it it is also concluded. In Russia magazines “Priroda“, “Nauka i zhizn“, “Znaniye-sila“, “Himiya i zhizn“ are most authoritative. Any created scientist will tell you that he came to science not without influence of such sources. Information noise - 10, from - for losses of severity as a result of promoting of knowledge.

Mass Media (MM). Information noise - 30. The television, newspapers, radio is only an effective way of formation of public opinion. Election in 2000 as the president of Russia V. V. Putin, the person by then without public political person - a phenomenon of impact of mass media on Russians, impossible in the country with the developed democratic traditions. Known joke: “Why the Ostankino tower burned down? - With shame for journalistic lie“. Lie conscious - public relations, a sneer company. Lie on ignorance of journalists. In 2000 read a note in AIF - Khabarovsk “To the sea with the dosimeter“ - the Sea of Japan meant. Also it was terrified. Six paragraphs and six mistakes. Suggested to write a denial. Answer of the editor: you will not frighten - will not read. It was necessary to write the separate article “The Person in the Radioactive World“.

In 1990 I published a note “Word ecology“ in which wrote: “Ecology - science about the relations of animal organisms and the communities formed by them among themselves and environment. Printing word at least bifunktsionalno. On the one hand, it is an environment element as information streams envelop the person like air. Many get sick at a lack of information. But even those who try to breathe less often (that is not to read) all the same face the word in the form of rumors, retellings, reviews of newspapers on television and radio. On the other hand, the word - an element of language, culture. Pollution of information streams is also inadmissible, as well as waters, air and a daily bread“.

Internet. Information noise - 3 - 100, depending on the website. For example, Wikipedia - very uneven electronic edition which is generally caring for plagiarism suppression. There are brilliant well illustrated articles, and there are also frank mistakes, especially in natural-science articles which should be corrected.

Advertizing. Information noise - 1000. It is at all not a source of information as the purpose - formation of requirements, the market, but not transfer of knowledge.

Once again I will emphasize that figures are value judgment the author, but the general tendency is planned.