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Whether bus excursions in Egypt are dangerous? With Comfort - ohm in a ditch of

In the first part of our story about how we - group of the international tourists - nearly died at an excursion bus trip across Egypt we stopped that our bus by any miracle did not turn over at a high speed from - for losses of wheels. It seemed to me that did not do without intervention of otherworldly forces. However, it is only speculative conclusions.

Let`s return to technical condition of bus excursion fleet of Egypt and we will try to answer a question as to the tourist to avoid possible dangers upon purchase of bus tours on the place. Already in Egypt.

So, our large object - the bus rumbled balancing as the rope-walker under the big top, to a lifeless roadside. After already when I saw what tools our Arab drivers tried to repair our unit … I “became green“!
In - the first, they wound with a usual plastic bag a nave of the torn-off wheel that oil did not flow.
In - the second, repair keys, a jack by sight appeared, probably, still fifty-year prescription! Erased, bent, poor.

When then at night already we went home on the same route by other bus, ours still stood on a roadside and all tried to repair it by antiquated methods. The technical help did not appear.

Well, we will return to morning of that memorable day. Only in three hours 40 minutes for us sent other bus. But what is interesting again: on the way back - Ale - the Sheikh and at this bus the forward pneumatics “departed“ to Charm and swung it as the ship during a storm, and wheels rubbed about arches and, appear, that the bus now to collapse on part! And a way back tourists shivered from is old. Oh! At us the guy who is well understanding automotive equipment sat in salon. He told that “the pneumatics obviously departed“. So that`s that! Hardly - hardly, but we crawled to the resort.

One more interesting coincidence: onboard our bus at which flew away wheels in full operation the huge inscription COMFORT flaunted. So we with “COMFORT“ nearly on a next world departed.

Statistically in 2010 - m to year Egypt accepted 11 million tourists. From them TWO MILLION - Russians. And many of the specified tourists go by excursion. But whether they will reach to an appointment point...

Especially I want to tell about traffic regulations. In Egypt in general traffic regulations, per se, no. Or rather, on paper they somewhere are written. But not on twisting real dusty roads of the country. Here who the first gave a signal - that and has a priority for journey. In Cairo - the state capital - on 20 million population of only 9 traffic lights! NINE! And the technical base for regular survey of transport - our type THAT is almost “zero“ and there is no time to be engaged in it. Tourists, money, speed. Quicker and quicker. Buses on wear, guides - on wear, roads - on wear.

And we, passengers of that bus, tested one of the most dashing and terrible minutes in life. But I hope that future tourists will be better to realize that the probability to fall “into oblivion“ at bus excursions in Egypt is VERY HIGH AND REAL. That though it will somehow be secured, there are several recommendations.

1. Buy excursion bus tours within the country at the largest companies. They though somehow watch technical condition of a bus fleet and have for this purpose more financial resources.

2. The price of the same excursion at the unknown street operator can even be one half cheaper. It is logical to assume that why to pay one so many more when the same trip at other player of the market of excursions is twice cheaper? At once remember what tskupy pays twice. The author of these lines decided to save, and nearly paid for it on - to a maximum.

3. Try not to take in the road of children and pregnant women. If something happens to the collapsing bus, then chances to survive at them, say, on fire, are minimum. The strong man will be in time, perhaps, to master a situation and to jump out of salon, and the people here specified hardly …

4. There is no wish to offend beauty of Egypt, but personally it seemed to me that if the person also does not see personally the well-known pyramids, then it is not a lot of and will lose in the life. Very much the untwisted tourist brand these pyramids! Especially Sphinx. But personally it really small, and pyramids even seem geometrically correct heap of stones. To risk health and life even for the sake of these excursions there is no need. However, the tourist goes to Egypt to see them - pyramids - and to touch antiquities with a hand, it is worth risking.

Should not trust appearance of the bus that they give to hotel. In Egypt always hot and all cars dry, the rust does not get accustomed here. On roads of the country hundreds more of thousands of our Zhiguli of deeply Soviet years of production travel about. 80 - x, 90 - x and even 70 - x years! At us they would collapse on part long ago, and there they look still a good fellow. So it is enough to wash the bus in Egypt before giving and it sparkles. But the condition of units and knots often truly is awful. Drivers do not sleep all night long, drive completely.

Who was in Italy, for example, knows that there the new system when the engine of the bus is just blocked by the on-board computer each 5 hours of continuous work is introduced now. It means that the driver has to have a rest not less than two hours, in my opinion, and only then again take the wheel. So safeguard passengers, the driver and all participants of traffic. In Egypt anything there is no similar and cannot be yet.

So every time, getting on a bus with such tourists as well as you in Egypt before any trip on excursion, kiss a cross worn on the neck or pray to other your gods if you preach other religious views. Before the Egyptian buses all religions are equal. I hope, you will eat up to the destination healthy and safe, with good mood. At the author of it it did not turn out. And at many other tourists - too.