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What surprises and dangers wait for the tourist upon purchase of bus excursions in Egypt? The Manner of driving of the Egyptian drivers of buses me shook 118 meters of fear

. More than once I with horror exhaled air until other passengers slept (to them it was simpler!) . Yes will be blagoslovenen a good dream! And in the bus something cracked, hrumkat, hissed, under the bottom something rumbled. So, slightly more than a year ago group of tourists and I as its component, (the majority - Russians, but were also British, plus one Pole) moved on excursion from the resort Charm - Ale - the Sheikh to the capital of Egypt Cairo. Purpose: to examine pyramids, to visit the well-known Cairo museum of antiquities. Distance from a starting point - hotel - to Cairo about 500 km. Went all night long.

At daybreak we passed the well-known tunnel of Ahmed Hamdi between Asian part of Egypt and drove in its African part. The route lies through the desert - mix of sand and lifeless stones. Neither constructions around, nor vegetation. The sun, the desert, and trucks without restraint rushing, cars (among which it is full of jalopies). Our bus held speed small for these places - about 90 km/h, I believe. Morning already came into the own.

I sat in tail part of salon directly over the left arch of back wheels. At a window. Approximately at 07 hours 55 minutes I looked down at asphalt and saw an improbable, amazing thing: at a full speed from the bus the wheel began to separate to the left. I yet not slept brain did not think whose it was for a huge wheel … Ours!

I thought that I was visited by a hallucination because everything occurred as in an amusing animated cartoon: we go to one party, and the turning our wheel - in another. It cannot be! In any case, with us. And here the powerful blow was distributed, and all bus shuddered. Having lost back left wheels over which I also sat, we at a high speed flopped on a belly. Right there all bus, especially its tail part, began to throw here and there. I seized a front seat and for fear lost a speech power. Neither to shout, nor to exhale. Anything.

The bus tilted, and I for some reason suddenly sharply realized that we surely now will turn over. The feeling is such … As though it appeared on the plane, and it suddenly sharply falls. The terrible gnash under me and under all case of the car struck primitive terror. Which of passengers something shouted, someone as I, could not pronounce the word. The bus lost gradually speed, creeping on a belly, and we by miracle did not turn over. Though it seemed that tragedies not to avoid. All steel large object tilted on the left side and, obviously, from friction of metal about asphalt from under a belly on the route poured millions of sparks.

There was all this on the active and wide route already near Cairo where trucks, cars fly at reckless speed. I am sure, it is not less than 110 km. Any multiton truck following us simply crumpled all passengers in tail part because we promptly lost speed, and it is impossible to slow down quickly on that route. Fortunately, we got to a gleam between the dense movement, and were not hit terrible blow in “back“ of the bus. If we were not lucky and some tractor with the trailer rammed us in “tail“, then, it seems to me, children from Belarus that sat on back rows, would die instantly. However, as well as many other passengers. As well as I, probably, I sat in the third or fourth row behind too.

Our drivers Arabs could hold nevertheless by miracle the bus on three wheels. At a huge speed we flew by terribly terrible 118 meters on asphalt and stood on a roadside. I - shivering - got out of the bus and, as well as many, long could not speak. Then steps measured a brake way: on asphalt there was a wide white strip from a bus body. I counted meter steps 118.

At our bus one wheel uprygat with mad inertia to the desert of meters for 200, another in other party of meters for 300 at all. The back half shaft flew away together with wheels, also the crosspiece shot at the desert. If there were people along the route … The tragedy would not manage to be avoided.

Tourists were shocked, even our guide by the name of Ali admitted to me later that “only God rescued us“. By the way, divine intervention is very possible here. Why? Three days before an event I visited Jerusalem with excursion, was at the Wailing Wall, touched by a hand Ruining Lord`s and even applied to it the cross worn on the neck for consecration. In the Wailing Wall of Jerusalem I left notes with requests of which asked to store my family in one, kids, native, itself.

I believe that in this history did not do without divine intervention. I sat directly over the flown-away wheels! Directly over them. I hope that my notes in the Wailing Wall and entreaty about health of a family at the Lord`s Coffin played a role though it can seem someone coincidence. Who knows, as nobility … It seems to me, the cross rescued me.

Still there is surprising coincidence: a day before it I bought at the same firm tour at several o`clock in the Color Canyon. 12 - ti hour excursion. They had to take away me at 7 - 00 in the morning from hotel. I put an alarm clock, all a rank - a rank, and here in 6 - 53 call from firm that excursion is cancelled for technical reasons. Something there the road was blocked.

Here it is so ringing in seven minutes prior to agreed time! Why then I so got up early! Then already, in the afternoon, I went to swear to office. There apologized and it is oath promised that to Cairo when we go tomorrow, everything will be super - a puper. Here also received super - a puper - the torn-off wheels and on a hair from death swept …

However, it is a lyrics. Let`s return to reality. That became me obvious when I walked after the district: on this route similar incidents, probably, not a rarity. The broken autoglasses, the torn up to pieces thrown wheels of buses, trucks, cars... It is directly expensive to death! While we are tourists and our guides - wandered in the desert thrown by all, there arrived the police. The bus was not subject to repair on the route.

About how to try to avoid similar incidents upon purchase of local excursion rounds - we will tell in final part.