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On March 8 - a holiday of a feminine or self-affirmation?

Are symbolical that at the beginning of spring in many countries of the world celebrate the International Women`s Day on March 8 in which celebration the great sense is put. The updates happening in the nature in the spring it is similar to the life-giving strength of the woman in her ability to give new life and to continue the human race.
the woman, according to bible history, is created from the man`s edge. And why from an edge? As ancient wise men, “noticed not from a leg to be humiliated … not from the head to surpass... but from a side “ to be on an equal basis.
History of development of humanity shows that the right of the woman for equality long time was violated. Leadership in a material world belonged to men at all times, in it quite modest place was allocated to women. March of “empty pans“ they declared publicly desire to take the worthy place in society, and as a sign of it March 8 became the International Day of Female solidarity in protection of their rights and freedoms.
In the modern world of the woman play a noticeable role in public and political life, hold the high leading posts, work in all branches, even in those which were initially intended only for men. At the same time the International Women`s Day in a root lost on March 8 the social nature of an origin, having become really a feminine holiday, it is created “by from - under hands to be protected … and from heart to be favourite “.
From a festival of self-affirmation it turned into a holiday of celebration of Her Majesty Zhenshchiny. Special attention this day from men lifts all women on a pedestal of worship and honoring, and to a strong half of mankind allows to show the best qualities.
the Holiday is widely noted at the official level On the Eighth of March, being day off in many countries including in Moldova. In concert halls and theaters there take place performances in honor of women, television programs bring the festive atmosphere in each house. Flowers, gifts, words of recognition and official messages of thanks are received this day by all: little girls, young beauties, faithful companions of life, beloved mothers, grandmothers, daughters, granddaughters, mothers-in-law, mothers-in-law …
As many vital roles it is prepared destiny for everyone and main of them - to be the real Woman!!!