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Emergency contraception. As far as it is good?

the Emergency contraception - at first sight very convenient piece. It is far simpler to think of consequences when the passion already ceased and hormones ceased. But it only at first sight. Let`s sort in detail why each gynecologist respecting himself will tell that the emergency contraception is suitable only in the most extreme cases.

the Alpha and Omega

to understand the question posed, we will address some features of a female organism. The periods are familiar to girls from 12-14 years and to years to 18 become the same usual thing as a dream or meal. But what occurs in an organism imperceptibly for eyes?

All cycle copes two main hormones - estrogen and progesterone . From the first day of periods, with the advent of the first drop of blood, little by little concentration of estrogen grows in blood. Approximately in 2 weeks under its influence the ovum ripens and the woman is ready to conception of new life.

After the mature ovum leaves an ovary, on the place of its maturing there is a so-called yellow body which begins to produce hormone of the second half of a cycle - progesterone. And its level smoothly grows almost until the end of a menstrual cycle. When the yellow body becomes obsolete and dies off, the amount of progesterone in blood falls. And this falling of progesterone starts all on - new: in an ovary the new ovum begins to ripen, and in a uterus dying off old and at the same time growth new an endometriya - a fertile soil which covers a uterus from within and in which the seed of new life could fall begins.

At a boundary

we closely approached Now

the question of a postinor and the emergency contraception . The preparation a postinor contains synthetic pure progesterone (levonorgestret) in quite high dose - 0,75 mg.

Swallowing as it is necessary according to the instruction, two tablets of a postinor with an interval at 12 o`clock, the woman increases progesterone level at herself in blood to the mark which is a little exceeding norm at the end of a menstrual cycle. Such concentration ruins an ovum even if it already merged with a spermatozoon. Besides, in a day a half of hormone is brought out of an organism, that is there is a falling of its level in blood. And as we remember, falling of progesterone starts a new menstrual cycle and rejection of an inside layer of a uterus. So even if the ovum will survive after “chemical attack“, she just will have no place to lodge for further development. Such combined action reaches almost absolute contraceptive effect.

By the way, application of a postinor makes sense only of in the first 96 hours (4 days) after the unprotected sexual intercourse. The matter is that for the fourth days the ovum is fixed in a uterus and forms a placenta, and the placenta already itself makes progesterone, it not only hormone of the second phase of a cycle, it also one of pregnancy hormones. On this background reception of excess 1,5 mg does not play already any role.

the question Price

So where the promised harm from the emergency protection?

In - the first, levonorgestret is accepted inside, so in a stomach and intestines it is soaked up in blood and thus affects all bodies, that is except ovaries and a uterus under blow all organism suffers from jump (even two) the level of progesterone: nervous system, liver, kidneys.

In - the second, unplanned restart of a menstrual cycle is fraught with consequences, the periods are quite powerful loss of blood. This loss averages 250 ml, and for the woman weighing 50 kg it is nearly 10% of all blood circulating in it. And loss of such amount of blood more often than once a month, it is fraught with an anemia, weakness and fatigue, and in severe forms - loss of consciousness and other life-threatening situations. Besides, the unplanned periods most often much more plentifully are also longer usual as endometriya do not manage to ripen and depart with much bigger work.

And in - the third after artificial progesterone comes out an organism, in an ovary still there will be a yellow body which as we remember, still excretes natural progesterone. And it here discrepancy between a hormonal background and a condition of genitals causes in them bewilderment, and in the best couples on 1 - 2 month they cease to behave adequately.

I hope, after reading of this article it is obvious to readers and readers that the postinor is really emergency method. The producer does not recommend to use it more often than time in half a year, and many experts call still big terms.

You remember also that Postinor is only the trademark belonging to the Hungarian company Gideon Richter. The same preparation other companies is let out under names by Eskapel, Eskinor - F , etc. But anyway, the emergency contraception is shock dose of synthetic progesterone.