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Valerina of a thought - about what they? With humour - about an excessive burden of the deputy

At ten o`clock in the morning, as usual on weekdays, Valera began to think thought. This time it, this thought, was about a blade...

“There is a blade, - Valera thought. - It by sight such thin, defenseless, even darling … But asphalt punches! And here I can punch asphalt? No. But I can break a blade! Whether it means that I, Valera, is stronger than asphalt? Or I am only stronger than a blade? Or I am just a person who can break the blade growing through asphalt? And if I do not tear it whether it means …“

Thought got difficult this time, constantly spread extensively, and Valera did not manage to finish thinking about it till a lunch, and after a lunch forgot. Or rather, did not forget, and it was brought down from this thought by some people discussing future flight of the person to Mars.

Having had a dinner, Valera nestled in the chair and began new reflections. “To Mars to fly several years, and back longer because against solar wind. In my opinion, there is such. The food, water, no, they there somehow from urine extract water, several people plus the doctor …“ Here Valera stopped and directly in the middle of thought as only he was able, thought of another. Having decided in a few minutes that the doctor can be ranked as people, Valera continued thought of flight.

“The equipment, fuel there - back, and a year more it is necessary there, to carry out, reconnoiter everything on Mars, to stake out, tags to navtykat, to find oil and gas, to ship samples … Money the huge number is necessary, one Russia will not pull it if only Gazprom helps … And it is necessary that pulled that we the first appeared there … Or perhaps for economy, only there?.“

Thought was good, and especially it was pleasant to Valera that it is state. But also it was up to the end not allowed to finish thinking to Valera. There came six o`clock in the evening, the working day of Valera ended, and he was allowed to go home.

And Valera as the deputy in the State Duma works. He is the good deputy and big harm to the Homeland, in difference from other deputies, does not put - does not take bribes and kickbacks (however, nobody offers it), the business has no and, respectively, does not push anything anywhere, on regions and the abroad at the expense of the state budget does not fly, it is more interesting to it to rummage at the dacha, and he votes as the senior party fellow will tell. It was even promised and for the following term in deputies to take if it is not late for work.

Sometimes it, however, acquaints someone with someone, people ask, and for it in restaurant or a sauna conduct Valera. And the envelope good is put, thick. The wife, however, swears when the husband drunk home is brought, but, having seen an envelope, quickly thaws.

Valera to the people of Russia approximately in 300 manages. 000 rubles a month, plus the free mobile phone, treatment, journey - flight, rest and pension good will be. And on a trifle there still runs, and envelopes besides …

Valera`s Wife very much to all this rejoices. People of Russia, probably, too. And the others about the Russian Valera, fortunately, do not know, they have values. But they, the others, slowly begin to deal with these values …