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How to change the life? The simple method

U all of us is qualities which are not pleasant to us. We can insult the loved one, and then it is a shame to us with it. We eat too much for the night, and then we sleep badly and we get fat. We often say to ourselves that we here since Monday will start going to a gym because for a long time it is time. And so on. And nothing changes. We go around.

But we can break off this circle. Recently I began to follow a simple method and was convinced of its efficiency. And today I want to share this way of the solution of problems.

There is a bearded joke.

The man and the woman in beds, suddenly a call to a door. The woman speaks: the husband came, you have an only option - in a window to jump. There, however, 9 - y the floor. But the husband - that will precisely kill you, and so there is a chance to survive. The man flies and thinks: why to me all this was necessary, here the fool, the good wife, children, work … If I survive, then everything, more “on the left“ I will not go. Falls in a big snowdrift. Survives and is healthy. Also speaks: here, 10 seconds of flight, and any nonsense come to mind...

Here and at us often happens. We decide to make something, but we do not do. We should lose excess weight. And we know what specifically for this purpose should be made, but we do not do.

Often we quarrel with the spouse / spouse, and again - we know what will be enough already to quarrel, it is necessary to work in a different way, and we know how it is necessary, but we do not act.

We know that it is not necessary to shout at children. It was not pleasant to none of us how our parents shouted at us, and all the same we do the same. Also we know that it is possible in a different way, but we do not do.

And such examples set. We as that man in flight. Swore, and then we think that it was not necessary … And in couple of days forgot, “you never know what nonsense in the head climbs“. And so in any negative event. The Russian person is always strong back mind. Always. Through some time we always know how it was necessary. But late.

And so, I declare that not late . Never late to get it together and to change something. How? Quite simply.

For a start we begin to keep the list of all the “back“ thoughts. Made something not so, and after a while thought how it was necessary. Write down: what should be made in what situation, and what not to do at all.

The following stage we sort all these records on two parts: it is necessary to do and it is not necessary to do.

And everything is farther simply: daily we re-read this list and we remember events of today. What did we make that it was not necessary? And what was not made of what should be made? Also we understand why.

After a while such work you will begin to catch yourself “by a hand“ at the very beginning of negative events and to begin to work in a different way. This list will register in a brain subcortex, and you will begin to live differently.

You want to have what you never had, - it is necessary to do what you never did.

You want to have a happy family? Stop to gundet discontentedly at each other.

You want that your spouse / spouse performed some housework? It is impossible to saw him / her. Think up how it is necessary to behave that he / she with pleasure made this work for you? Think and carry out. And it is a step to happy life.

You want that children treated you kindly? Stop to shout and send on them them as slaves. Think better that it is necessary to make that they wanted to help you about the house? How it is necessary to treat them? How at the same time to talk to them?

You want to move to the apartment more? Or to move down at last from parents? Add it to the list in the section “what should be done“. And every day analyze what you made for this the purpose, important for you, today?

If to do it daily, then in 3 months you will see the first noticeable results.

Difficult? No, not difficult?

Unusually? Yes, it is unusual! And how you thought? With habits to fight not easy. And addictions are not only to drink and smoke.

Good luck to you.