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“Mother, I got!“ How not to fall a victim of swindlers?

Three o`clock in the morning. I wake up from the accruing roar of turbines - such signal at me of arrival of SMS - ki. “Mother, I got! Urgently there were 900 rubles to number...“. It is lazy I yawn, I turn sideways and I fall asleep, having at first wrapped up better than the only two-year-old son.

Whether I hate these people whether I despise … it is possible to answer, but it is unimportant. It is important that, while there is light, they will always be among us. And therefore our task - to do appointments to them by as much as possible sad for the last. We cannot know all rules of the conclusion and performance of contracts, paperwork, transactions, prizes, but we have to remember always that these rules exist .

And if you do not understand something, find the one who understands, and ask to help . Care should be shown even where fraud is not supposed.

Sometimes the seller of the apartment money - the currency received from the buyer asks to count and check. Even give it some equipment. So far as concerns money, it is useful to remember immortal “A monkey and points“. To distinguish the false note, even by means of equipment, only the trained cashier, in particular, working in bank will be able. There it is also necessary to address, having paid a certain sum for check - such check is included into the list of standard banking services.

Someone, wishing “to reward“ you something, mentions that it is necessary to pay at first for it “something“ income tax. Like, so it is necessary. In general, the word “tax“ affects the person magically, directly - is frightening. “It is necessary, so it is necessary“, - we sigh and we go … And where and why, we do not know.

It is necessary to remember that taxes cannot be paid (and it is directly forbidden by the law) via terminals, by dispatch of SMS, and in classical option - are listed to the seller by cash according to the receipt issued by tax authority at submission of the relevant tax declaration by you. Bank details for transfer are identical to all citizens living in a certain territory. I.e. any creativity in requisites.

As for a tax on the income of natural persons (personal income tax), it is held at payment of a salary, awards - that is at monetary payments. So far as concerns non-monetary payment and a tax it is difficult to hold, about it it is reported in tax authority. And that, in turn, will find for you and will ask to submit besides the declaration and to pay a tax. The personal income tax is never paid in advance.

Any person who is on that end of a wire has a name, a surname, represents the interests of some organization about which it is possible (and it is necessary) to inquire. Any organization has legal and actual addresses, the taxpayer identification number (TIN), the main state registration number (MSRN). This information is not secret.

If to you come home to sell something unnecessary (but at this moment something very necessary seems to you), it is necessary to remember here what. Swindlers are ready for any performance, it is the real solo performance. Therefore it is better to let in nobody initially. All you need is, you buy independently. But if let in and at the same time survived, then without cash voucher nobody has the right of anything to you to sell. Lack of the check has to guard at least.

In the cash voucher INN of the seller - number according to which it is possible to identify any organization is printed. It is simple to distinguish it from other figures, knowing a code of the region. For example, in Moscow it will begin on 77, in the Moscow region - 50. The code is followed, as a rule, by two figures - no other than number of the tax inspection where that seller is registered. Who and that did not tell you, tax everything therefore it is possible to frighten them by it safely are afraid. Why are afraid of

? To register even the “lime“ organization in tax, they need money, documents and time. And to them it is unprofitable if them “Horns and hoofs“ are closed ahead of time, without having executed the “obdiralovsky“ functions. And they will surely be closed if people instead of bearing money, constantly initiate tax audit.

Thanks to the Internet, mobile communication, plastic cards, databases which are on sale at every turn swindlers have one million “rather honest ways of depriving of money at the population“, about all and will not tell. And therefore good business - to be defined that moves you when you take the risk, bear to someone the money . To win a prize, expensive thing cheap? To rescue the loved one who got to trouble?

You still believe that something expensive can cost little? What there is a miracle - the additives relieving of excess weight in one and a half minutes doing “a leg small, and smother - big“? Any thing has the initial cost below which it cannot just fall. Is not present, I trust in miracles too, but they are called so just because happen extremely seldom and not to all, unfortunately …

A trouble and the family … Well, if dear person got to trouble, you learn about it absolutely from other sources, than from faceless, the unclear maintenance of SMS - ki, and even hysterical, muffled howling by phone: “Mother of a pamaaaagiiya!“ You call the person, you call his spouse (ge), to the friend. To you that, difficult?

Swindlers are skilled psychologists, they use psychological pressure.

And therefore the most important that at such moments your head has to continue to work . Do not give to emotions, fear or euphoria from the good luck which suddenly fell down the head, to overflow you. You remember a golden rule of the revolutionary, always cold head.

Everything that from us it is required - to call in an hour of “X“ when the treacherous head refuses to think soberly “to“, to ask council. It is necessary to communicate with relatives, to trust them, our many troubles happen from - for the fact that we were ashamed to ask for the help.

Eventually, it is better to hear from the loved one: “You are a blockhead, it divorce!“, than to appear in fools actually. should be remembered it when around, as they say, a topsy-turvy …