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How to choose the anti-virus program?

Each user of the computer often puzzle what antivirus is better. On the Internet there are enough councils and versions of the solution of this question, but each person has in this respect the opinion. Everyone praises that program which uses...

However periodically nevertheless it is necessary to come back to the choice of the suitable anti-virus program.

So, let`s understand as it is correct to choose an antivirus. Installation more than one anti-virus

For a start it is important to

to understand the program on the computer that installation on the computer can lead more than one antivirus to unstable work of system and to need of reinstallation of Windows. It is impossible to establish two and more at all, each of them fights for the only existence in system of the computer, and defines others as a malicious application.

the Choice of the best anti-virus program

, What is better? How to choose an antivirus? On what to stop finally? The simplest decision is to find among a set of offers that which suits you, in the practical way, having tested it in work. Thus serially, deleting the previous antivirus, it is possible to test work of all others and after that already to decide on what to stop. Many anti-virus laboratories for the products offer the free 30-days demonstration mode that gives enough time for the full test of work of the program.

For a right choice of an antivirus plays a role and the power of your computer. If the computer is rather weak - better to try antiviruses with small consumption of random access memory not to load system. If the computer is constantly connected to the Internet - it is necessary to choose the antivirus comprising the network screen protecting from the swimming-in windows and hit on the harmful websites.

In the choice of the anti-virus program it is possible to be guided by ratings of antiviruses which are carried out by independent laboratories. There it is possible to look at data on real efficiency of this or that anti-virus product.

the Paid or free antivirus

should be defined by

At the choice of paid ilibesplatny version of the anti-virus program for itself, information on the computer is how important. If you pay money for an antivirus, then has the right to require first-line support and solution of the problems at a swagger - major circumstances. When using a free antivirus can refuse to you support.

If all of you - want to stop on a free antivirus, then do not use little-known and rare programs. They will practically not protect your system. Here list of the main reliable and effective antiviruses.

Free antiviruses

of Avast! Free Antivirus the Free antivirus often surpasses by
in the functions paid products of competitors and is the minimum necessary protection for protection against viruses and spyware.
of AVG Anti - Virus Free
Excellent control indicators during independent tests.
of Avira Antivirus
the Popular anti-virus solution in the Russian segment. The small and not consuming many resources antivirus software from Avira.
of Comodo Antivirus
Seldom used antivirus. English-speaking interface. Finds and eliminates viruses, worms and trojans on desktop computers and in networks.
of Zillya the Antivirus
the Free Ukrainian antivirus guaranteeing complex protection against malicious software. It develops constantly and updated.

the Best paid antiviruses

Kaspersky`s Antivirus
One of the most known antiviruses. Demonstration version of 30 days. It is recognized as the best product of 2011 independent test laboratory AV - Comparatives.
ESET NOD32 the Antivirus
One of leaders in the market of anti-virus products. There is demonstration mode. The reliable decision for protection of the computer against viruses, worms, Trojan programs, espionage, advertizing and potentially dangerous ON, rutkit and a phishing - attacks.
of Dr. Web the Antivirus
the Popular antivirus which is used by many users. Demonstration version of 30 days. Big distribution was gained by the free anti-virus utility of Dr. Web CureIt!.
of Panda Antivirus Pro
Not such widespread as previous, but got the clients thanks to the clear and simple interface. There is demonstration mode. to What

to deliver an antivirus?

Can give only one advice as it is correct to choose an antivirus for protection of system. To try in use each antivirus within a month. On it long time will leave, but for yourself you will be able to be defined what antivirus most of all was pleasant to you in work.

Besides, when using constant antiviruses periodically try to check in addition the computer other free anti-virus utilities. So you will be able independently to be convinced of efficiency of the established antivirus and to draw the corresponding conclusions.