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Job search. What to pay attention to not to be deceived?

Going for interview in the next company, the person tries to be the most interesting and to prove to be from the best party as the professional and the personality. Besides the knowledge specified in the summary, abilities, skills, experience and education level, the applicant is ready to show the best traits of character - skill to communicate, ingenuity, sense of humour, etc.

Being going to impress favourably, the person read a set of articles about how it is correct to behave during conversation and what employers pay attention to. And how about the employer? What is it?

The person looks for work not because at home it is boring for him. But also a salary not the most important argument at the choice. No “mines of the tsar Solomon“ will hold for a long time where the high salary is the only plus. And whether will pay the promised sum? On this question there is not always an affirmative answer. To avoid unpleasant surprises, each interview has to be bilateral, i.e., showing itself, in turn observe, ask questions and analyze.

Before responding to vacancy, pay attention to how often it to you already met. If the company updates the announcement for months - do not spend time in vain. This company or does not need employees and it is one of ways of public relations, or it looks for the unique expert into place which is employed at present, or in the company constant routine of shots for a number of reasons:

• With the head nobody can work well together.

• “Snake“ collective.

• Constantly are late and salaries are not paid.

• Unacceptable working conditions.

• A widespread way of a cheating - three months of a trial period later with low payment, the person is not approved, and on his place take another. Thus, the company just saves.

Some companies for a priming write attractive vacancy, and during interview it turns out that literally before you it was already occupied, but there is couple of other burning places. Over time you see that the announcement of the company is updated, and the “inoculating“ position did not get to anywhere. In this case report to administration of the website about placement of inveracious information on their pages. Thereby you not only will help other people, but also will preserve the mail from unnecessary spam during mailing of new vacancies.

As a rule, the employer wants to receive the universal worker for a small salary. It is clear - why to pay more if labor market is overflowed by the unemployed who from hopelessness are ready to sell the work even for the underestimated payment. But if suddenly the announcement contains a list of duties with which even the child is able to cope, and at the same time promises a solid salary, then there is a question - who this generous patron just like that distributing money?

Having come to interview, pay attention to a condition of office and appearance of personnel. It is difficult to present people with the high income in the worn-out shoes, an old suit which for a long time not by the size, cheap cosmetics, with decayed teeth and a bad hairdress. If there is an impression that all collective puts on in the next sekond - Hyundai, and walls and a ceiling of office decorate patterns of the peeled paint and begin to flow last year`s floods, but at the same time with the burning eyes promise you a salary with which heart - here obviously something not so fades.

• Further it will appear to reach the promised earnings level, you should work on the company not less than 10 years. But even if you are ready for such feats, not the fact that working conditions will not finish you earlier.

• If it is network marketing, then the level of earnings will depend on your sales. Did not earn - to make a claim there is nobody. Suspicions that the promised income was considerably overestimated, had to light up you earlier. Whatever one may do, and except himself nobody is guilty.

• Some companies working by the principle of network marketing on interviews are held back that to get access to advance of goods, you at first have to redeem it. The prices at the same time quite high, also it turns out that instead of earning, you have to spend. At them it is called the loud word “investments“ though it is more similar to a scam. And to raise the income, you should make the team - the same gawks, it were what.

Not to get to a similar trap, the following what it is necessary to pay attention during interview to - manner and style of communication of the employer or manager.

• The employer who really looks for the expert and is ready to adhere in relation to him to the conditions stipulated by it - the schedule and working conditions, salary level for the period of a trial period and later the period of a trial period, duties, etc., will behave quietly and to build conversation most informatively for both parties.

The employer who wants to hide from you information and to whom it is not important what you the expert since he should gather the greatest number of people in the network, from a skin will climb to show you the goodwill. It will be lovely, will smile, joke, break yours vital space, drawing near you is closer, to share the classified information: “I already told you more, than it is necessary“ . Though in fact it is only the trick urged to cause your trust. You did not obtain any important information. And then - you not came to get a job on the confidential enterprise!

• One more mistake which is made by employers and to which applicants should pay attention is an often repeated phrase: “I do not deceive you!“ . The more often such phrase sounds, the more dupe you on ears.

• Let`s say the shape of the manager promising a high wage level leaves much to be desired, and it is indecent to ask about its personal income. But it is quite acceptable to choose a moment and to ask a question as long he works here. If the manager begins to wriggle, look away and be rumpled in search of the answer or will not want to answer absolutely, having represented indignation, so there is nothing to catch there.

If you already had interview and agreed to work, in some companies there are so-called “fact-finding days“ - from three to five. This time of your training and it is not paid.

These days can be training - you listen to lectures and keep abstracts. And can be working process under supervision of the mentor. During this time you can obtain a lot of new information if you observe and draw conclusions.

If you listen to lectures, try to separate the main thing from the general. The flow of excess information often hides truth grains and if you are able to find them, it will help to avoid disappointments further. For example, statement: to earn “well ooochen“ big money, it is not obligatory to have at least one of listed at all - the higher education, knowledge, abilities, skills and talent, and there is enough only desire, does not promise anything good.

During working process you will have an impression about conditions and graphics of work, sanity of the chief and the relations in collective. Ask questions and analyze answers.

Be attentive, successful to you employments!