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On how many “Attention Signs“ are important?

Us are surrounded by the general background.
On the one hand needs everything that surrounds us to someone!
on the other hand does not need everything that surrounds us to one person!
From everything that surrounds us, is necessary to one person only part!

Everything around us was created many centuries and many millions of people. all this
I together is definitely not necessary for one person.
in the world is a lot of million dresses, but everything at once they are not necessary to one woman.
is A lot of million cars, but all at once both buses and trucks and motorcycles and automobile cars are not necessary to one man.

And if to look, then and all food is not necessary to one person, and all houses and apartments are not necessary to one person. And at last all gold of the world both all money and diamonds of the world, - all are together not necessary to one person. Present at you 500 tons of gold, 500 tons of diamonds and “Hrenalion“ of Millions of euros! (the phrase from the movie - Transformers!)
A all people the world have neither kopek, nor gold gram, nor diamonds. Means them it is not necessary.
Other world will change for example as for salt, for skin earlier and so on. And where you with the gold? :) I will tell

Ya more, - one person does not need even all air. All air is necessary to both all people and animals and plants and fishes and birds etc. So for what all this examples?
are necessary to One person some things, some food, clothes, some level of communication. In total in the set.
Turns out - each person - us, surrounds much everything, as is called the general background.
A to the person actually is quite enough his personal, personal set.

Now: Attention !
Attention - a selective orientation of perception on this or that object as some definiteness, the figure allocated from the general background.
Source: Wikipedia.

In a personal set it is also a lot of all neutral that too is the general background in life of everyone. But there are things which are main and important in life at each person.

When on the road there is a sign “Attention“ ! , we pay attention. On an important point - allocated from the general background.

When among a great number of passengers in the subway or in the bus we see the beautiful girl (for guys) or the handsome guy (for girls), we pay “Attention“, allocation from the general background.
When we go on the sidewalk and towards to us a huge number of identical people, and suddenly there is a young guy smiles, in the smoothed-out suit and with a bouquet of flowers, we pay “Attention“ and we allocate from the general background. Or the beautiful girl in a miniskirt. When we communicate with friends and we hear in the address a compliment from an opposite sex, we especially pay “Attention“ and the pleasant feeling from the general background of communication is shown. Especially at prewedding age all try to pay “Attention“ to themselves and “to be distinguished“

I from objects and among relationship we constantly turn on what - that attention, allocating it from the general background! And it is most of all remembered, the interesting movie, an interesting story, a beautiful bagatelle in a show-window, tasty cake on a visit, the beautiful and convenient car at the friend.

And to such allocated things and situations which attracted attention many do not attach significance. Honey agarics there are on the sidewalk all identical. Communicate among themselves on simple imperceptible subjects. Namely of these important points to which we pay “Attention“ there is our life which we want to remember and “Allocate“.

When we “allocate“ something from the general background, - it has special value for Us. You paid attention, so interested you, “hooked“, “touched“, you felt interest from within. Harmony was shown, interesting things outside for a body were pleasant to us at the level of feelings inside as a hobby.

It is your “piece of the world“ which is in a huge number of other background pieces. It inspires you, lightens mood, gives interest in life. These are signs for each person, is green light of the traffic light on Road of Life of each person!

is a lot of everything Around - the general background.
is necessary to One person his personal set. (valuably personally for itself)
In a personal personal quantitative set is what draws“ Attention“. (especially valuable)
what draws “Attention“ harmoniously is combined with external and internal interests.

As among huge one million things and steps and situations and everything that adjoins to us all this background, there are things which draw “Attention“.
Also and among that variety, on what we pay “Attention“ to is important and main things! …