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What will give toughening of registration of citizens?

the Russian authorities suggest to toughen the existing rules of registration of citizens at the place of residence. It is supported by V. Putin who suggested to strengthen punishments for migration violation of the rules.

It is necessary to do it concerning visitors from the CIS countries, of course. Just so that interests of our citizens were not infringed. And apparently, new rules of registration at the place of residence of citizens of Russia can concern also them.

In particular, the head of FMS suggested to toughen requirements to those citizens who live more than three months not where are registered, and to other address, up to the announcement of such citizen in search and appeals to the court.

What really mean such new rules of registration of citizens of Russia at the place of residence if are accepted? Let`s give a bright example. The woman lives with the lawful husband, but is registered to other address. Such situation meets pretty often. And so, the spouse for it can be subjected to prosecution and is fined because was not registered in the place of residence.

Officials justify these measures with the fact that such system of registration of citizens of Russia at the place of residence helps to make out, allegedly, them in policlinics, and children in schools, to charge pensions and privileges. But those who looked in the Constitution, know that education, health service and pensions are guaranteed at us to all citizens, irrespective of the residence. And in general, if to cancel registration at the place of residence for citizens of Russia, then nothing in the country will change. The present system of the accounting of the population is no other than continuation known to the senior generation of “registration“.

If this offer of FMS passes, then it will seriously limit the rights of our citizens for the choice of the residence. Those who travel much can get to search who left to other city or the country for study or in business trip, those who are registered to one address, and lives, owing to these or those circumstances, on another, even within one city.

In the legislation already now for such violations punishments in the form of penalties are prescribed. But they are raised, generally at those persons who arrived to us from neighboring countries. But under this provision of the law also huge number of our fellow citizens can get.

Here that can expect the citizens of Russia who violated new rules of registration at the place of residence:

• You came to stay for a while to the grandmother to Kaluga and were late there more, than for 90 days. If it happened, then you should go to local office of FMS and to receive there a temporary registration. For violation - a penalty of 2,5 thousand rubles.

• If you are registered in one district of the city, and live actually in another, then you should receive each half a year temporary registration or to issue a constant. Penalty too 2,5 thousand rubles.

• To you the acquaintance from Europe, well, let us assume, from the same Baltic came to stay for a while. You will need to take away it in office of FMS and to register on the living space. Otherwise, at return he on departure should pay a penalty of 4 thousand rubles. Besides in the passport will deliver to your guest the stamp demonstrating violation of the migratory legislation. Next time he will hardly receive the visa to Russia. The host is also waited by punishment.

What it is possible to tell in conclusion? Let`s hope that the common sense everything is will prevail also new rules of registration of citizens at the place of residence which, undoubtedly, should be changed, it is not infringed on interests of aboriginals of Russia.