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How deceive clients in the housing and communal services system?

of Fraud in zhilishchno - the municipal sphere reached at us in the country of enormous scales. In the State Office of Public Prosecutor even the special group on control of safety of budgetary funds in the housing and communal services system is created. And how many housing and communal services took away not budget money from our pockets? For certain it is more, than state. And on this money entrances in our houses could be repaired and rotten pipes are replaced.

We will tell how we are deceived in the housing and communal services system. Possessing this information, it will be easier for you to reveal and prizhuchit swindlers.

In Russia slow reform zhilishchno - municipal services continues. Its orientation demonstrates that the state intends to remove from itself care of this important sphere and to shift it to the population shoulders, i.e. to our.

Citizens got used to pay decades those who provides them services in housing. For gas - to the gas companies, for light - to Power supply networks, for water and heat - to ZhEK. And here in this, the scheme clear to millions of people, creators of reform introduced intermediaries - the so-called management companies (MC). They - that also began to deceive us and “to weld on“ on simple Russians. So the rotten municipal services of the country became, besides, and strongly corruption.

How we are deceived by management companies in the housing and communal services system? Schemes of their frauds already for anybody not a secret. Let`s list the main:

• The general property of the house (cellars, attics, walls for advertizing) is leased, without coordinating with residents.

• Pay the organizations for heat and water for indicators of all-house metering devices, and from residents raise money on tariffs for 1 sq.m. The difference goes to a pocket to the management of UK. Here so we are deceived with metering devices of water and heat.

• In new houses long do not launch the elevator and do not open a refuse chute, but all the same raise a payment from residents.

• Carry out repair in the house according to the overestimated estimates. Even fictitious contracts when paper with the seals is meet, and works are not carried out.

• Include a certain inscription “Capital repairs“ in the receipt on payment of the apartment by a separate line though the payment for it is already included into the column “Payment and Maintenance of Premises“.

• A penalty fee for unpaid amount for housing is established above, than is registered by the law.

How we are deceived with electricity? Besides that every year raise also so blown up tariffs, Power supply networks, as well as UK, do not avoid frank theft from our pockets too. For example, the all-house metering device is installed not in the house, and on transformer substation in a board of the accounting of the electric power. Here residents of such house, without knowing, also pay all consumers who are connected to a cable to its entrance to the house.

Why we continue to be deceived in the housing and communal services system? schemes of such frauds are known to prosecutor`s office and supervisory authorities! The reason is in what in the state, appears, there is no concrete organization or the ministry which would be responsible for reform in the housing and communal services system. To some extent, the Ministry of Economic Development, the Ministry of Regional Development, the Ministry of Energy, Federal Tariff Service and so forth deal with this major problem. Responsibility is completely vague, so nobody is responsible for anything.

Management companies where huge amounts of money turn, often arose in a subsoil municipal DEZOV. The enterprising people having related or friendship with local government, almost free of charge took control in UK. And it is as if bad they worked, to them serious do not make a claim.

What to do to us if the state refused to bear responsibility for situations in the housing and communal services system? the Chairman of committee on housing policy in the State Duma Galina Hovanskaya advises

in this regard not to be idle, and to work. In particular, to elect the chairman of the board of the house or condominium of the active knowing pensioner from among owners of apartments. Such people have a desire, forces and free time to penetrate into all questions connected with housing and communal services and to have an order in the house. Let them learn who possesses an attic and the cellar of the house to return them to all-house property. Will take an interest what works pay residents. According to reporting documents UK it can turn out that windows at an entrance wash every week, and a ladder three times a day.

There is a good saying: “He who would eat the fruit, must climb the hill“. Know that on any controversial issue with UK it is possible to address to housing inspectorate . And if did not help there, safely appeal to the prosecutor`s office or to court . To wait that deception from UK someone from above will be stopped, is not necessary. Without active counteraction of corruption in the housing and communal services system of all population of the country it will be almost impossible to press down this reptile.