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Whether it is necessary to make out re-planning of the apartment?

the replanning amnesty Declared not so long ago by the authorities did not reduce official red tape at all. The Muscovites who made repair still should go on instances and to stand in queues to issue re-planning in the apartment.

We will remind the historical background. At the end of 2011 the Moscow government issued the resolution which purpose was a simplification of procedure of registration of re-plannings of city apartments. These changes presented as amnesty for those who already made repair with modification of planning, without having got for that permissions. But it turned out that the notifying order for “insignificant re-planning“ of the apartment became the only innovation in the accepted document.

It is explainable on an example. If earlier to unite a toilet with a bathroom, at first it was required to get permission in Moszhilinspektion and only then to break a partition, then now these provisions just traded places. I.e. at first it is possible to make repair, and then it is required to legalize it. At the same time procedure of registration of re-planning of the apartment remained former, with the same bureaucratic red tape and a vystaivaniye of multistage and long turns in BTI and Moszhilinspektion.

However, now the penalty for not properly executed easy alteration in the apartment will not be taken. But her officials all the same demand to issue. Therefore firmochka which offer services in the correct registration of re-plannings of apartments so bred. For example, from a bathroom they take for registration of association of a toilet on average 30 thousand rubles.

Now we will give useful information what re-plannings of the apartment can be made without the permission . They are called “insignificant“:

• To clean and establish the built-in case.

• To transfer the electric or gas stove.

• To shift closer to a strut the battery.

• To install the conditioner or the satellite antenna.

• To glaze and warm a loggia or a balcony.

• To put a shower cabin instead of a bathtub.

• In a bearing wall to close up apertures.

• To demolish not bearing interroom wall (if in kitchen the gas stove is not necessary).

• To make an aperture in an interroom partition.

• To unite a bathroom with a toilet.

• To put a new partition (10 cm are not thicker).

• To replace sewer pipes and an electrical wiring.

• To put a parquet and to level floors.

And here what works on re-planning of the apartment are forbidden to be done without preliminary obtaining permission :

• If laying of gas pipes is required, it is impossible to rearrange a plate in kitchen.

• To establish instead of gas an electric stove.

• In a bathroom to establish a bidet.

• To unite the room with a loggia.

• To make an aperture in a bearing wall.

• To make a partition of concrete or a brick, more than 10 cm thick • To close up

or, on the contrary, to create a new window in a wall or to change its form.

• To make a cement coupler or a heat-insulated floor.

How it is correct to issue re-planning in apartments after insignificant alteration? This procedure, we will tell directly, tiresome. For this purpose it will be required to you:

• To write the application in BTI on obtaining technical data sheet on the apartment.

• To descend in BTI and to take away this registration certificate.

• To write the application in Moszhilinspektion for the made re-planning.

• To accept in the apartment of the employee Moszhilinspektion who will come with check. If everything is as it should be, it issues the act of the done re-planning. If your re-planning is not included in the category of easy repair, its longer coordination is necessary to you.

• The received act is required to be carried in BTI, having paid the state duty.

• To wait for arrival of the employee of BTI who will make the corresponding measurements.

• Again to descend in BTI, to defend in turn and to receive new technical data sheet on the apartment.

Now we will come back to the question asked at the beginning: and whether it is necessary to make out re-planning of the apartment? Really such registration can be necessary for you only in one case - when you sell the housing. And only when the buyer, having seen the made re-planning, will demand it to issue officially. And if to it all the same, then and it is necessary to make out nothing.