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How to avoid a hangover?

The one who will think up a tablet from a hangover for certain will get the Nobel Prize. For now it is necessary to rely on valuable experience of fellow sufferers and to be treated by national methods. Let`s tell what to do to avoid a hangover.

The period of permanent holidays which began since the beginning of year is characterized in Russia by unlimited libations. The celebration was more cheerful the day before, the morning will be more painful for many. Of course, alcohol affects each individual differently. However the events essence accurately asks intoxication English to speak which literally means “poisoning“.

It is natural reaction of our organism to the fusel oils which are contained in ethyl alcohol. We wake up in the morning after a party, and before eyes the little squirrel shaggy is turned and jumps. In one pad a pickle, and in another - a brine mug.

What to do to avoid a hangover? The easiest and effective way - at all not to drink alcoholic beverages. But how to refrain at the same friendly party in collective on the eve of man`s and female holidays? It is almost a utopia. However to reduce weight of an estimated hungover syndrome quite perhaps. Remember that should be made for this purpose:

1. It is not necessary to drink on a hungry stomach. It almost the same as to stick the alcohol syringe intravenously. Have a bite before the forthcoming feast and eat several tablets of absorbent carbon.

2. The food saturated with carbohydrates helps to avoid a hangover. Macaroni, rice, potatoes will work as absorbent. Protein will be useful too. Meat, seafood and fish normalize a metabolism. It is known, as the fat food slows down alcohol absorption, however it can overload a liver which at the time of a feast and it is so unsweetened.

3. Keep in mind that sweet absorption of alcohol accelerates. Therefore be not fond of desserts and grapes.

4. You do not speak rapidly, between toasts do breaks, communicate with colleagues and friends. After the drunk shot glass at most the high is reached in 30 - 40 minutes.

5. Well and all the known council, which at the end of a party, unfortunately, very few people observe. You should not mix alcoholic beverages. If you drink vodka, then and finish a feast with vodka. It, by the way, causes a hangover, than wine, champagne and the more so cocktail less often.

For those who did not follow the easiest and effective way, we will tell how quickly to remove a hungover syndrome after a serious libation. Here that has to be in the morning near at hand at touched:

it is A lot of water, it is better mineral without gas. If there is heartburn - alkaline. Deliver couple of bottles at a bed.
the Mojito without alcohol. Throw a circle of a lime or a lemon, a sugar pinch, several leaves of fresh mint into a glass. Fill in all this with mineral water and add ice.
Classics of a genre - a brine. Cucumber, cabbage, from soaked apples, all the same. Everything that will be in the refrigerator or a cellar.
Juice fruit. The fructose which is contained in them will accelerate a metabolism, that is removal of toxins, and will soften a hangover syndrome. The additional dose of vitamins will not prevent too, they the day before were in high gear spent by an organism. Note: it is desirable to exclude grapefruit and orange juice. They irritate a stomach.
the Cocktail refreshing. For its preparation wring out juice of a celery and carrots, add mint and lemon juice.
Tea mint. Fine nausea medicine. On the eve of rough fun give some tea in a thermos - and you will thank yourself in the morning.
Cinnamon contains too substances which extinguish nausea attacks. Fill up since evening 1 teaspoon of cinnamon in the boiling water, then pour in a glass and cool. It is necessary to sip this infusion.
Broth beef - too the checked way of fight against a hangover. It restores work of intestines and stomach.
the Way which Elizabeth Taylor used. To add a little vodka to a glass of tomato juice, pepper, lemon juice and beef broth. Speak, helps quickly. It is advisable to try.

However one drink you will not be full. That can be eaten after a rough feast:

the Toasts smeared with honey. They contain substances which accelerate processing by a liver of the accepted alcohol. In honey there is also a lot of potassium and sodium which very much are required for the dehydrated organism.
Porridge with cane sugar. Its cellulose helps to remove nausea and to absorb toxins. Well, and sugar will give energy inflow to the organism tired narzan.
the Note for those who do not love porridge: add to it previously wetted raisin, the apple cut in small cubes and a spoon of cream.
Eat complex carbohydrates - rice and paste.
Bananas are rich with potassium too (see above).
Well and, at last, the real food - fish soup with a glass of vodka or rich borsch. After them mind brightens, the tremor of hands stops and the annoying little squirrel disappears. Only we ask to be limited to one shot glass.

All this the tested national methods of fight against a hungover syndrome. What still can be made to avoid a bitter hangover? How to reanimate the organism? We offer the following options:

aspirin Tablet. Who has a gastritis, replace with paracetamol.
Spirulina. Accept morning after half a teaspoon of these dried seaweed and wash down with water.
by Effort of will force themselves to take a hot bath, and then get up under a cold shower.
Note: it is not recommended to those who has problems with vessels.
Walk in the fresh air has to finish all package of measures of fight against a hangover. Such fitness even if at it there are attempts to be taken for the next columns or trees, will improve blood supply, so, will help removal of toxins.

Pleasant holding table meetings and holidays.