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How to cook soup - kharcho according to the Georgian recipe?

As it is correct to

to cook soup - kharcho? Let`s train him according to the classical Georgian recipe. Let`s begin with selection of ingredients. To cook the real Georgian soup - kharcho, it is required to you:

Beef brisket - 1 kg
Rice - 0,5 glasses
Onion - 3 bulbs
A parsley root - 1 piece
Parsley greens - 2 tablespoons
Bay leaf - 1 piece
Flour - 1 tablespoon.
Black pepper - 10 peas
Pounded walnuts - 0,5 glasses
Garnet juice without sugar - 0,5 glasses
A basil - 1 bunch
Cilantro - 1 bunch
A hot pepper - 1
Garlic - 5 cloves
Tomato paste - 1 tablespoon
Hmeli - sunel, salt - to taste.

Here such long list turned out. But to cook - that we will be the real Georgian soup - kharcho moreover according to the classical recipe therefore it is necessary to make everything correctly. There are no too exotic products in the list of ingredients. All hostesses are familiar with them. To Italy, or to the same Georgia behind them it is not required to go to South America. Therefore we transfer this list to paper and we go to the nearest market. Earlier they were called collective-farm. Now I do not know how to call them?

So, products available. Now, just in case, we will make approximate calculation of time for cooking:

For preparation of products you need 1 hour 30 minutes.
Preparation of this classical Georgian soup will take 50 minutes.

So, we begin. That it was more clear, we will break process preparation of soup - kharcho on points:

1. We wash beef and we cut it small pieces, literally on one sting. We put in a pan, we fill in 2 l. also we bring waters to boiling. We do not forget to remove a skimmer foam. We cook meat 1,5 hours. Then we shift it in separate ware, we cover, and the received broth is filtered in other pan.

2. While meat cooks, it is possible to clear a root of parsley and onions. It is correct to rub a root on a large grater. Small we crumble onions and we fry 5 minutes in 3 - x oil tablespoons. Then it is necessary to add to a frying pan with onions the flour divorced in 1 tablespoon of water and, constantly stirring slowly, to leave on fire still a couple of minutes.

3. We crush in the blender or we pound in a mortar walnuts together with peas of black pepper. We wash cilantro and a basil, we dry and we crush. We clean garlic and very small we chop it with a knife (it is possible istoloch cloves in separate ware). The hot pepper is cut by thin rings. If there is no desire that soup - kharcho was too sharp, previously cut a pod lengthways and we delete from it sunflower seeds.

4. We bring the filtered broth to boiling again. We add to it the rice which is washed out in several waters and we cook 10 minutes. We return in soup - kharcho the cooked meat. Here it is possible to salt soup.

5. We put in soup - kharcho the parsley root fried in flour onions, tomato paste and walnuts, pounded with pepper.

6. In five minutes we add garnet juice and hop - sunel. We hold on fire as much again, then we remove. We add pounded garlic, hot pepper and the cut greens. We allow to be drawn 5 - 10 minutes under densely closed cover.

Your soup - the kharcho cooked according to purely Georgian classical recipe is ready. Bon appetit!