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How tasty to fast?

B the beginning of the Post fell to 2012 on February 27. It will last till April 14. The Lent is a preparation for the Easter Sunday by repentance, deepenings in internal spiritual life, dismissals from its material aspect. The Lent - the most long of all multi-day posts.

The first six weeks of a post till Friday of the sixth week have the initial name “sacred forty day fast“. The seventh, last week before Easter - the Holy Week, or Great, from here and the name of a post. The first two days and the last day of a post it is recommended to do in general without food, in other days to observe moderation and to limit itself in food.

I want to share several recipes which not only will be useful during the Lent, but also, I hope, will be pleasant to you and your house.

1. Manti with mushrooms. Preparation takes about 1,5 hours, but the result is worth it. By the way, the mantovarka is successfully replaced by an aluminum colander over a pan with water.

We prepare a stuffing: small we cut a large bulb and we fry on vegetable oil. If manti prepare not as a fast dish, it is more preferable to use creamy - onions turn out soft, transparent and golden. Small we cut mushrooms (I like to use champignons, about 300 grams for 3 portions leave) and we start to onions. Do not forget to salt and pepper. While the stuffing is fried, we cook dough.

Fast option: we take soy mayonnaise (it in many places is on sale, especially during a post) and it is diluted with mineral water. We add flour and we knead dough while it does not cease to stick to hands. Ferial dough prepares from two eggs, milk and mayonnaise mixed with flour. We divide dough into lumps, we roll from them thin round flat cakes, in the center we put a stuffing and it is closed up. We oil a bottom of a mantovarka (colander) vegetable, and manti before preparation are lowered by a bottom in flour - that did not stick.

2. Country Salad. We cook potato in uniforms in very strong salted water (5-6 tablespoons of salt). Be not afraid, do not put too much salt in potato. But it will taste like baked. We cut the cooled-down tubers in cubes, we add a pickle, green and onions. To add some salt, fill a little with vegetable oil.

3. Spring Salad. You should not forget that the Lent is carried out in the spring when vitamins are especially necessary for an organism. We cut large green apple, stalks of a celery and a garden radish, we fill with vegetable oil, a pinch of sugar and lemon juice.

4. Gourmand Salad. We fill grated crude carrot with the same vegetable oil, a honey spoon, raisin and pine nuts.

5. For fans of Japanese cuisine will be suitable “Fast beaters“. Avocado, sweet pepper, a fresh cucumber - all this quite admissible stuffings for a favourite delicacy during the Lent.

And all - you should not forget that the Lent is not just a diet. Yes, the fast food promotes weight reduction, clarification of an organism, but its main appointment - clarification of soul. To smile more often each other more often! Not to become embittered, not to snap in response to small offenses!

To rejoice to the sun which looked out at last and close spring!