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How to pick up a dress on a wedding of the girlfriend?

Gathering on a visit, girls quite often find out that it is not enough things in clothes, their most part got out of fashion, and the most beautiful shoes need or under repair, or replacement. In that case wedding invitation can be the next cause for an eternal question: “What to put on to look attractive and presentable?“ we Will try to answer with

this question, relying not on superstitions or signs, not on opinions of acquaintances or strangers, and it is exclusive on rules of etiquette which so seldom modern busy persons address now.

1. About the choice of a style

the Long dress will be ideal option for evening action. And the young girl (only not the teenager), and the lady aged perfectly look in long evening dresses and therefore such model - one of the best versions of the order for restaurant. If the ceremony of wedding begins in the afternoon, then dresses in a floor on guests will be a little inappropriate.

The cocktail dress has a set of variations therefore often the choice of girls and young women stops on it. Besides it can be put on both in the afternoon, and in the evening. The dress - cocktail (that is a dress without sleeves and a collar) - is possible, the most attractive version of the order for the bridesmaid. As a rule, the bridesmaid should help actively the heroine of the occasion and, therefore, to move more, than to all other guests. Certainly, the dress of the first maid of honor has to be not only beautiful, but also convenient.

Owners of good figures and harmonous legs usually choose for themselves short models, but at the same time it is necessary to remember that it has to be not ultra - pass, pertinent it is more for an ordinary party, and a graceful dress with a strict silhouette.

2. About the choice of color of a dress

One of important questions which sets the girls choosing a dress in which they want to go to a wedding - a question of color. Traditionally the dress of the guest can be any color, but it is recommended to choose everything - quiet tone not to focus attention of guests on the person. Depending on a shade of skin and from a hair color, it is possible to choose dresses of soft tones - peach, light-green, lemon, blue, it is gentle - violet. Variations weight.

Most of all questions arise concerning white color, and opinion which are expressed, are absolutely opposite. In this case it is the best of all to consult to the bride, can quite be that she will approve white dresses on the girlfriends.

It is necessary to refuse a white dress:
- if about it the bride asks;
- if the bride is not in white, and will pick up to itself a dress of other color (cream or colors of an ivory, for example);
- if is about a dress for the witness (two white dresses of different shades can look inharmoniously, and in photos - to merge).

In that case if the choice stops on white, then pertinently will be to choose a dress with color finishing or to pick up color shoes and accessories that none of invited mixed the guest with the bride.

The exclusive moment at a wedding it is possible to call black color as it is considered color of mourning. The black dress on the girl in the wedding day of her girlfriend can be regarded first of all as disrespect for newlyweds (as a call, as a bad sign). Even if the bride is not superstitious, having heard from several similar assumptions (or having listened to remarks in your address), she can be upset, and it will be offensive if the annoying unreasoned trifle spoils a holiday.

Also it is worth refraining from dresses with abundance of spangles or the sparkling elements, such dress can complicate and even to spoil a wedding photoshoot.

3. About the choice of jewelry

If the choice of a hairdress, shoes and perfume remains only to

for invited to a wedding celebration, then it is worth mentioning the choice of jewelry at least in a few words.

Proceeding from rules of etiquette, it is necessary to remember that it is indecent to put on jewelry more expensive, than those that are put on on the bride. The wedding is a special day when the bride, even the most modest, has to look most magnificent. Therefore if there is such opportunity, it is necessary to learn in advance what jewelry is chosen for newly married. If it is awkward to ask about it, it is worth stopping on modest stylish jewelry without excesses.

Silver, enamel jewelry, semiprecious stones, pearls well will be suitable for unmarried girls (especially it concerns the bride`s girlfriends).

It is possible to call elegance and sense of proportion bases of how it befits to look at a wedding of the girlfriend.