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As well as than to clear face skin?

all need to Clean a face, even to those who do not use decorative cosmetics daily. From skin it is necessary to delete constantly dust, fat and sweat which prevent it to breathe fully, hammering a time and forming a film. If to neglect clarification of the person, then the best cream will not yield any results.

There are women who go to bed, without having washed away a make-up, without suspecting that all beauty begins with makeup removal. By the way, tap water and soap in this situation not the best assistants. Purity and freshness to the person will be brought by specially intended means - emulsions, gels, cream, etc. Only they can carefully and carefully remove all pollution from skin, without causing an allergy.

Gels and skins are intended for clarification of fat and problem skin. They contain special superficially - active agents which do not break kislotno - alkaline balance of skin. But it is not necessary to use them daily as the ratio of moisture and fat can be broken (these means contain many detergents). If it is bad to wash away gel or a skin, then they can react with cosmetics and cause an allergy and other undesirable consequences. These means do not suit for dry and sensitive skin.

Lotions happen spirit and without alcohol. The last have more than the advantages as do not contain active agents, but clear skin perfectly. If on lotion there is rinse off mark, then it needs to be washed away water. In the winter and it is better to refuse spirit lotions in the early spring: in cold weather skin already has a stress, and this means will even more dry up and will pull together it.

The milk and cream are ideally suited for dry skin. These means perfectly “grab“ dirt and dissolve it. It is necessary to apply evenly a milk on skin, to leave for a couple of minutes, and then to remove a wadded disk or a tampon without pressing and extension. After that the person should be refreshed with tonic.

Bi-phase (hydrophilic) cleaners consist of the clearing gel and a fat basis. Before drawing means liquid should be shaken up carefully that both layers completely connected. The turned-out emulsion perfectly will remove even a resistant make-up. Usually these means are suitable for any skin, however dry and very sensitive skin can react to them with irritation.

Peelings and srubs are intended for deep clarification. All these means are applied on the cleared skin. The peeling is recommended to dry and sensitive skin 1-2 times a month, and fat - 3-5 times. After this procedure skin is smoothed, its tone raises, pores are narrowed. The main task of a srub and a peeling - to remove the become lifeless cells of skin. Srubs with large particles are contraindicated at expanded capillaries.

Deep professional clarification is carried out in salons. Any woman needs to visit beauty shop for the purpose of carrying out cleaning procedures - “updates“ from time to time. Clarification is the main condition of efficiency of all cosmetic novelties, appearance modeling begins with it.

Without the correct clarification even the most modern cosmetics is not capable to bring the expected results.