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Business destroys mankind?

began to be considered Recently that business - it is healthy. Owners of business are successful people who can afford a lot of things. Much like such understanding, and they all life seek to become businessmen, and the most persistent them become.

But what they receive, having become businessmen? Give - we will understand it! All this can be seen and understood, just observing.

To become the successful businessman, it is necessary to develop in itself certain habits and to develop certain qualities. It occurs in the course of formation and overcoming of various barriers connected with the conflicts with other people, paperwork, bribes, racket, corruption, the competition... you know.

When the businessman overcomes all these artificial difficulties, he “becomes tempered“, gets a grasp. What does it mean? Now he stops at nothing, on the heads, becomes mistrustful, suspicious, cautious, cruel, greedy, relentless and brutal - in a word, the slave to “the child“, money and the power (these or those qualities can be expressed stronger or more weakly, depending on a field of activity). And he is afraid to lose all this. You find it tempting prospect?

I had opportunities to watch businessmen, and saw that it is unfortunate people. Though they in every possible way showed success, but thereby only deceived themselves. And, deceiving itself in the face of all, they thereby deceive millions of other people who seek to imitate their example of “success“ and too want to become businessmen. To drive about by beautiful, expensive cars, to have a rest in resorts with attractive girls or guys. Oh, people! All this only external tinsel! Look at the bent, tortured faces of these unfortunate when they do not pose before public. Look at the child - and at this businessman. You still want to become him?

You consider that if the person constantly with phone in a hand or in an ear answers a set of “important“ calls - it is zd about rovo and a zdor about in? These people the aspirations behind illusions destroy themselves, Themselves in themselves, ruin health, then restore it in expensive clinics. It is or perhaps better not to ruin then not to restore? Oh, unfortunate businessmen, even on vacation shipped in artificial cares and efforts, happiness to you!

This that, as for businessmen, and now we will try to understand business. What is it and why. If without dictionary, then it is a field of activity of the person or the group of persons directed to receiving the maximum profit. Supported with papers with the seals and signatures in which so-called owners of business are recorded.

As we remember, the businessman is a slave to money and the authorities. However there are also those which try to do serious work for the sake of business, on advantage of and everything, but it is not enough of them, and to them it is very heavy. Money and the power for them is a by-product of activity.
Analyzing a set of the existing businesses worldwide, it is possible to understand that their activity, first of all, all - is directed to receiving profit. Pursuing money and under their influence creating business, the person does not think of consequences of the activity. And if reflects, then money all the same prevails.

Ideally fruits of business have to bring benefit to consumers of these fruits, that is people, the people. And what we see actually? Let`s take for an example the legendary company Coca - Cola. Branches of the company worldwide. Millions of liters of aerated water spread daily over all countries. The company buys up smaller companies and lets out their goods already under the brand. And whether there is an advantage of all this chemical aerated water and “juice“ for the person? And meanwhile we are already dependent on this aerated water. You go down the street - and literally on each shop posters with droplets on a small bottle and happy people. At movie theaters, in cafe... yes everywhere!

And nearby continually drugstores and all paid clinics which treat results of the use of production business - giants (and not without side effects - one treat, another cripple). And so, until gradually, slowly nullify health of the person. But he all - will manage to give rise and bring up from what it will be possible to earn further.

The system of business in which we live and all mankind, terrifies. Let`s not concern influence of large productions on environment, nature here, so again on the person.

It turns out that one succeed, causing damage to others. Really it is possible only this way? Billions of people work for business which fruits damage their health and health of their relatives. People destroy themselves from - for pursuits of pieces of paper - the money allocated with illusory value in the world, the subordinate to laws of purchase and sale. There is a demand, there will be also an offer. There is an offer, will make also demand! Advertizing works wonders. Everything is very interconnected!

Perhaps, it is possible and somehow in a different way?.