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Novelties of cinema. What to watch during week-end on March 3 - 4? “The iron lady“, etc.

Ended winter, the Oscar agiotage abated, and nominees and winners of a prestigious award slowly drop out of a rolling grid. This week at the Russian movie theaters will show only “The iron lady“ with participation of Meryl Streep who thanks to Margaret Thatcher`s role received the third gold figurine.

The spring mood dictates repertoire. On screens pretty often melodramas and comedies of both domestic, and foreign production. Among them American “Oath“ and the sports comedy “Knocked out“ with participation of a star of “The American pie“ of Shonn of William Scott. And also our opuses, including “Suicide“ Egor Baranov and festive tape “Mothers“. And now is more detailed:

1. “Oath“ (The Vow, 2012)


On sessions of similar tapes first of all redeem “places for kisses“. Michael Saksi`s picture - that take not staginess, but an emotional saturation and look equally nicely on the screen of any sizes. To the director - the debutant entrusted to play in a shot a favourite plot of the Latin American series with participation of a duet not of young people any more, but still perspective asterisks - Rachael McAdams and Channing Tatum.

The heroine McAdams had an amnesia, and now she does not remember loose student`s parties, neither a name of the president of the country, nor especially the beloved husband who all that time that it lay in a coma, vozdykhat at its bed. The love forces the spouse to win anew heart of the darling, remembering former tricks and skills lost in the course of marriage. The similar plot was realized in Hollywood more sophisticated in the movie “50 first kisses“, however authors of “Oath“ decided to follow the line of least resistance. What, however, did not prevent the melodrama for a month of hire in America to collect more than 100 million dollars.

2. “The iron lady“ (The Iron Lady, 2011)

As shows to

the practician, biographies of politicians, even the most influential and well-known, seldom cause fixed interest in public. Margaret Thatcher, “the iron lady“, negatively walked on Fillidy Lloyd`s statement, having called a picture “near entertainment“. However, it is doubtful that supervision over life being the prime minister - the minister of Great Britain, especially behind the late period when the old woman Thatcher began to fall slowly into marasmus, will become such entertainment for the audience.

If to watch this movie, then only for the sake of Meryl Streep who managed to reincarnate in Thatcher as nobody managed earlier. Meryl at the Oscar ceremony, having won a long-awaited third prize for Best Actress, told many kind words to the make-up artist of a tape with whom she cooperates for several decades. It is a pity that no Lloyd who was earlier working with the actress on shootings of the musical “Mamma MIA!“ scriptwriters, could correspond to brilliant game of Streep.

3. “Bouncer“ (Goon, 2011)


that, except Canadians, hockey fights on the screen are interesting to nobody (in Hollywood this subject is in very limited demand), and to shoot a picture about boxing to the Canadian director did not stick, Michael Daus decided to combine business with pleasure and created a tape about a fight on ice. It is known that in each decent team there is a player urged to rush on an embrasure and to beat the rival`s players. Here about it the speech will also go.

In “Bouncer“ Shonn got a leading role to William Scott, better known including at us, on Stifler`s character from film series “American Pie“. After the youth franchize was bent, actors dispersed on other projects, but any including Scott, did not get former popularity. “Bouncer“ - one of the few projects of Scott where he tries to repeat the image of the silly, but kind guy in soul. It is helped with it Jay Barushel from “The magician`s pupil“, by Liv Schreiber (“Shout“) and the partner in “The American pie“ Eugene Levi.

4. “Mothers“ (2012)

the Eight-March skit under the sensitive guide of Sarik Andreasyan, author of new “Office romance“ and “Pregnant“, has to create at the audience who came to holidays to movie theaters, the corresponding mood. Creators of the movie adopted a safe subject - love to mother therefore all critics of this opus with participation of a huge number of star and media characters of our cinema and television will be declared by teazles and insensible bastards.

Certainly, part of bastards everything is on open spaces of the domestic Internet it will be found. They will be to wear persuasive sentimentality of the project, the muffled scenario and desire of authors to cut down money on such pure and pure feeling of the person as love to mother. We will not join them in advance because there is a wish to believe that we Andreasyan and his team of “humorists“ nevertheless managed in which - that eyelids to create a decent product after viewing of which does not pull to write venomous lampoons.

5. “Suicides“ (2012)

Due to the recent events in our country, the heading and a slogan of a picture of Egor Baranov (“Go to cinema, do not allow them to die“) looks cynically and floutingly. And it, misters, comedy. The producer of the movie Alexander Strizhenov whom only for “Yulenka“ it was necessary to separate from cinema forever decided that black humour - the best solution of all problems. Also it forced a trio of “suicides“ to stebatsya in the person of Stychkin, Vorobyov and Akinshina over own desire to commit suicide.

Unfortunately, a tape the superficial relation to a perspective and desire to arrange “fiddle while Rome burns“, how many muffled and unintelligible realization of conceived “kills“ not so much. Creators should learn from masters of “black comedies“ before getting on others territory with the samovar. Alas, in creativity the law not pisan and everyone can tell the loaded word. Even if the word is told inattentively and not on business.

6. “Tenderness“ (La delicatesse, 2011)

the Fragile French girl Audrey Tautou since all favourite “Amelie“ turned into the charming and graceful woman whom on a sort is written to cause only tender feelings in an opposite sex. Here and in the new role in a picture of directors David and Stefan Fonkinos her heroine changes life of separately taken young man one casual kiss.

The tape “Tenderness“ is put on a novel of the same name - David Fonkinos`s best-seller and is mix of the comedy and drama in truly French style. Vida Paris, naturally, are applied.

As we see, on holiday week domestic film film distributors did without overseas blockbusters, having assigned to halls to fans romantichesko - lyrical cinema. However this situation will last not for long.

In March we are waited by loud prime ministers of the next fantastic violence in the tape “John Carter“ and a youth action in “Hungry games“. Apart from 3D - the version of “The Lion King“, a new role of Daniel Radcliff and the sequel “Fights of Titans“ under the name “Anger of Titans“.