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What we will go in the near future by? On samolyotomobilyakh!

I not only to go, but also to fly! Yes! It is not a fantasy any more. The first samolyotomobil, prepared for serial release, already passes the certified tests necessary for cars. This unique type of transport already received the flight certificate.

However, then it had to be perepoluchat again. Generally, all one after another.

This car not the car, the plane not the plane - “Transition“ is called. As it is precisely translated - I do not know, online - the translator translates this word as “transitional, switching, a link, evolution“. And, here in what a trick, each of these definitions correct.

On appearance of “Transition“ reminds not the car, but the light plane more. And at the same time this vehicle is capable to go legally on public roads. Wings when landing automatically develop, and draft of the engine switches to driving wheels.

The concept of “the flying car“ recognized by experts “commercially suitable“ appeared in 2006. Designers made the first flying prototype it is less than in a year! Here about whom it is possible to sing today:

We are given birth that to make the fairy tale bylyyu,
reason gave steel hands to Overcome space and a scope,
to us - wings,
A instead of heart - the flame motor.
for creation of this unique individual transport the American company “Terrafugia“ declared

creation of production capacities in 2008. However then just there were still no laws which allowed to go to planes on roads of the general user.

Besides, legislators dropped a hint of doubt in safety of this type of transport for other participants of traffic: “People will be frightened an unusual look that, perhaps, will cause accidents“. It was necessary to go on cunning. To AirVenture 2010 air show passing in the city of Oshkosh (Oshkosh), the State of Wisconsin, appearance of the plane was given to “more automobile look“, now even in flight the car reminds not the plane, but the car with wings more. More “automobile“ model of the second generation began to be called “Transition Proof of Concept“.

Except purely external changes, the design and “interiors of mechanisms“ “was licked“: the wing with the optimized profile is improved, the folding mechanism became softer, the mechanism of switching of transmission from “the flight mode“ on automobile is improved, the interior of a cabin of “pilot“ is finished.

Main characteristics samolyotomobilya “Transition Proof of Concept“:

Device weight: 440 kg.
Payload: 210 kg.
of Seats onboard: 2 pieces
Sizes: in “autooption“: length - 6 meters, width - 2,3, height - 2 m
In plane option: width (more precisely wingspan) makes 8 m
Engine capacity in standard option: 100 horsepowers.
flight Speed: maximum - 185 kilometers per hour, cruiser - 172 km/h.
Flying range: to 750 km, running start length - 600 meters.
Fuel consumption: in flight - 18,9 liters an hour, on the highway - from 6,7 l / 100 km.
tank Volume: 87 l. The special computer reports when fuel level in a tank becomes less critical (in air it is a quarter of a tank), and shows on the display in the pilot`s cabin the nearest gas stations.

When the company declared that it samolyotomobil will rise on the conveyor in 2009 - m, one more circumstance was not considered. The rights for control of airplane to receive much more difficultly, than the car. And in the category “light sports plane“ the rights for which to receive for individuals the easiest, samolyotomobil did not pass on weight.

And as designers tried to facilitate a design without essential decrease in safety until it turned out. But the Terrafugia company proved that it the real fighter also does not intend to refuse the far-reaching ambitious plans. Two years left on lobbying of the new law in federal management of aircraft of the USA (FAA) that the category “light sports plane“ grew heavy on 50 kg. Just so, that new, facilitated “Transition“ fitted into it.

Besides, for safety increase, considering that samolyotomobil nonprofessional pilots will pilot, the emergency parachute which in case of an emergency situation is smoothly “putting“ the car is built in the car. Even at full loss of management. However, all flight certified tests had to be passed anew.

Orders on samolyotomobil are taken already now. Price today (2012) about 250 thousand American bank notes. In order that you were put in turn, it is enough to contribute only 10 000 dollars.

Now start of a mass production is postponed for 2013. Also you know, probably, at them it will turn out. It cannot but just turn out!

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