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How to understand that your true love we Will begin

with the fact that the love can be classified by the source, an origin and the relation to a nature on:

1. Unnatural;
2. Natural;
3. Supernatural.

The supernatural love is spiritual and perfect, the natural love is not spiritual and is not perfect, the unnatural love is destructive.

The supernatural love proceeds from God, the natural love goes from the person, the unnatural love goes from demons. Both God, and demons can influence will, reason and feelings.

The natural love is a love of children, to the homeland, to the people, to music, to art, to all beautiful and fine, the food, air, water, wine, the woman, the man etc. of

can define Natural love in the relations between the man and the woman as love. The cinema and literature suggest the modern person certain models of love which apply to be called true love. However in most cases these models describe what is called love and passions are full, of egoism, jealousy, love to money and envy.

The true love does not notice and does not see a human face, it is directed on the fact that behind the person. And behind the person the personality and soul. True love sacrificially. And if the natural love and love is characterized by a certain material self-interest, then the supernatural and true love preizobilut spiritual self-interest.

The person marries on natural love or love and it is not love in its perfect or real understanding. It is not possible to marry on true love. It is only possible to speak about transformation, an obozheniye of natural love in supernatural or true love that occurs extremely seldom. True love it as a flower in the desert.

The natural love originates at the person from five sense organs - eyes, ears, language, a nose, touch which have the centers in a brain.

Let`s say the person loves ice cream and, eating ice cream he derives pleasure, but it does not interfere with it in too time to think of angry or to envy. The person loves ice cream naturally and natural love, but it does not prevent it to be kind or angry.

The natural love does not distinguish the good and evil and is indifferent to it. The natural love can be connected both with good, and with the evil, and most often it comprises also the good and evil. And here a task of the person in that to clear love of the evil, having left one good. It in Christianity is called Obozheny. Obozheniye of everyone and everything is a task and business of each Christian.

The supernatural love originates from God.

From God - it means to the person from Grace, and the grace is a form of existence of God out of the essence which unlike essence is available to perception and assimilation to soul of the person.
Love is a state, and the state is characterized by a set of temporary parameters or signs. The person derives pleasure, it is pleasant to it, he enjoys, he feels happiness and pleasure. It already condition of love. A difference only in signs of this love or parameters of this state. What is already caused by a source.

Any love changes biochemistry of a brain and blood, but signs at each love the.

The supernatural love according to Paul the Apostle in the set has the following 9 signs: she dolgoterpit, miloserdstvut, is not extolled, is not proud, does not think of the evil, does not commit excesses, is not irritated, does not envy, does not look for the.

The supernatural love has 3 steps, but it is a subject of separate article.

The unnatural love is drugs, the perverted types of sex, alcoholism, smoking, a game addiction (ludomaniya) and other types of dependence. That is the unnatural love is not freedom, slavery. And only the supernatural love is freedom. Concepts of freedom and slavery of their absolute understanding concerning natural love are not applicable. And here it is possible to speak about freedom and slavery very conditionally. Let`s tell, thirst and hunger are not vicious passions which of course limit freedom of the person and they lie outside moral freedom of the person. Atonement and release from these passions lies only in final atonement or release of the person by Jesus Christ at the time of his second coming and the second revival.

But the natural love can pass in unnatural when we tell love to good wine or just fault turns into addiction and passion to alcohol in the form of alcoholism and alcoholism.

Happiness or pleasure can be defined as a harmonious combination of natural and supernatural love. That is transformation or an obozheniye of natural love when it becomes perfect and spiritual self-interest replaces material self-interest.