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You are an observer? To a subject of elections: useful tips and explanations of

the Subject of elections in modern Russia these days is actual more than ever! How not to oversleep the voices and not to allow the forces of evil to select them? The answer is simple: it is possible to go the observer and by own efforts to try to change this world to the best.

I will tell about some nuances which each citizen of Russia, the person interested to achieve the truth in every way can face. Even if he knows that the way chosen by it will turn out places more than thorny …

1. Arrival

In spite of the fact that the polling precinct opens at 8:00, I recommend to be at 7:30 for acquaintance with a situation. Besides all documents (the passport, the direction from a staff of the candidate or the organization of observers, the requirement about issues of the protocol of vote results to the copy) I advise to take with myself mineral water, some food, the mobile phone, charging to it, several ball pens and a video camera. On the post it is necessary to sit at least till 8 in the evening, so, it is necessary to prepare thoroughly. As they say: in for a penny, in for a pound. To execute a civic duty - not the field to pass.

After solemn procedure of entering of your surname into the list of observers itself should choose a position with the good review. In some sense this task reminds placement of troops before decisive fight therefore it is necessary to treat her with gravity of the commander. If to instruct you how to watch official video cameras, and will ask to undersign that examined methodical instructing, write completely: “With methodical instructing it is acquainted“, date, the signature. Why it? And that your signature was not filed then to the false protocol. It is not necessary to watch chambers, be not distracted by it, nobody will touch them. Final stage of preparation - presentation of empty figurative and stationary boxes for vote and - the most important - their sealing up on your eyes.

2. Vote on a site

Supervision over boxes is a task No. 1. If it is difficult to you to concentrate on a ballot box, present that your team arranged shadowing the most dangerous criminal in the world about his entrance, and it can appear any minute. Eventually, than theft of voices not a crime?

If the strange person who begins to discuss aloud merits and demerits of candidates came to a site, know that it is political propaganda which this day is forbidden not only on a site, but also over all country.

Besides boxes and cabins, there is one more important object - point of issue of bulletins. Often it happens so that the careless or unfair member WICK (precinct election commission) can give “by mistake“ to someone not one, and at once several sheets which stuck together among themselves.

Books with electoral registers - an inner sanctum not only for observers, but also for schemers. Remember two precepts :

And. the Relic should not leave the Sanctuary. Under no circumstances. the Member of the commission can write
B. to Relics only if before it there is a voter receiving the bulletin on hands. If he touches the Relic, and opposite to him a certain imagined friend sits - it is already violation.

It is important to remember that the polling booth is not the public place and, therefore, it is intended only for one person. Lovely elderly couple, intimate girlfriends or unseparable drinking companions - they should be separated, it is as if heavy was.

There is a wish to imprint the unforgettable minutes spent as the observer on the polling precinct? Any problems. Restriction one - it is impossible to take a close-up of faces of voters. Popular wisdom says that your freedom comes to an end where the personal space of other person begins. Control of will of voting can be pardonable to the warden, but not the representative of civil society in any way.

3. Vote out of the room Wick

Probably, the decision on departure with members of the commission for home voting will demand the most hard work of gray sections of your brain. Feel Kutuzov in time Borodino - assess a situation. If you try “to survive“ from a site, nearly violently pushing in the car, - most likely large-scale action on a throw of voices prepares here. If, on the contrary, you see that the administration takes with itself for raid suspiciously many bulletins - do not refuse to itself pleasure to drive on the area be at public expense and with own eyes convinced that all voted - living people, but not a fruit of imagination of falsifiers. In such situation you will be helped out very much by the reliable back in the person of the workmate who remained to protect fair elections on a site.

4. After 20:00

Counting of votes begins

right after a chiming clock struck 8 o`clock in the evening, and proceeds to victorious - that is to the made and certified protocol. All “smoke breaks“ are forbidden. It is necessary to take the most advantageous position and to watch each sneeze of the commission which on the course of the play enters all data in the protocol. All this time the electoral register is hidden in the safe, far away from eyes of mere mortals.

Work with the list demands from you as observer of the greatest responsibility and concentration. Eventually, you came to a site to keep not a public order (as many mistakenly think), and that the number of the registered voters met with the number of the issued bulletins. “Three it is deductible, two went to mind“, - such arithmetics is simply unacceptable here.

At solemn opening of boxes most often there are also throws. Be vigilant, hold before yourself a chamber with such look as if it is not a usual gadget, but weapons of mass destruction of the last development.

At direct counting of votes it is necessary to be convinced that members have no WICK in hands of writing-materials. Publicity - the basic principle of sorting. Each bulletin is shown to all attendees, and his contents are disclosed. If show you at the same time two bulletins - “include“ Ivan Vasilyevich Bunsha`s persistence and demand to bring order. Each voice deserves separate approach. It is also forbidden to count bulletins from different piles.

A total meeting - a final chord. On it the protocol is also signed (watch that it was not empty!) and also there comes your hour of triumph - consideration of complaints. All attendees at Ritual as an award receive certified copies. It is important that the Shrine was not profaned by a pencil - members WICK undersign both on the protocol, and on copies the real ink for imperishable memory as if own blood.

Solemn process of transfer of protocols in TEC (territorial election commission) - obligatory point of the program. If the chairman of the commission behaves as the elder brother who does not want to take you with himself on a party, justifying it with lack of the place in the car, - remind him that he is obliged to provide your presence in territorial election commission in something.

You come back home. For a long time came on March 5. Tomorrow the federal channels will tell in eager rivalry about the taken place elections. Yes, this historical day was for you difficult, but you are even glad - will be what to tell grandsons.