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The front propaganda team finishes the tours of

at the beginning of election campaign by one of applicants for a post of the Russian President A month ago the on-stage performance group from actors, directors, writers and athletes for carrying out propaganda work among the population was created.
A as front as we were explained by the applicant for a high post, this on-stage performance group should have considered now time as a front propaganda team.
Well, like those that on fronts of the Great Patriotic War encouraged our fighters. Ilya Ehrenburg with his well-known article “Kill the German“ or Lidiya Ruslanova with not less well-known “Valenoks“.
As was fulfilled by a modern propaganda team on modern fronts?
Should note at once reading a fragment from Lermontov`s poem “Borodino“ by the executive director of on-stage performance group. Worried a little, of course. But did not retire to the background before hundred-thousandth audience that is laudable. He will be able to read before public and other compositions of the great poet soon. For example:
“I love Fatherland, but strange love“.
“Farewell dirty Russia“.
his chief assistant, the director Govorukhin was noted also not to exchange brightly. The appeal of the outstanding creative specialist to consider all other intellectuals (which are not supporting Putin) as shit on the force does not concede obviously to Kant`s imperiativ.
the Leader of group the Moral code Sergey Mazayev suggested to splash opposition from the gun.
before it “was the first who shouted: “ Putin our president “. I was is total is drunk. It was on December 19 at « restaurant; Up &Down “
of izvestia. ru/news/364186
However, in the same interview, it told that thanks to Putin he stopped drinking. But, judging by the last statements, began something to smoke it - syaky.
the Brother Zapashny complained that began to go to his tigers less, from - that his ordinary person became entrusted, and counted it as the economic pressure upon its circus. The crying tamer of tigers is something.
Oleg Tabakov at all ingenuously explained that it was necessary to thank for repair of theater somehow. Even Alexander the Second the liberator did not repair a pier, and Putin made. Support still that, of course … Ambiguous. You to me, I to you.
A Nadezhda Babkina, that which fell into ecstasy at one mention of “United Russia“ just now sang and danced. And it is correct, it is better for it not to speak independently. And Rastorguyev and remained the favourite singer of Putin. “Atas, is more cheerful working class“.
Working class, more precisely his certain representatives, participated in work of a propaganda team too, but somewhere on backup dancers.
A, still was such writer Bagirov. Master of a speech genre. His views of Russians obviously nearby left from views of ideologists 3 Reich. Now - directly propaganda team star. Did not descend from screens practically.
I our former aunt - the actor Kalyagin. Took offense for persecution of all propaganda team from nation shit according to Govorukhin.
Dear Alexander Aleksandrovich. You got to such campaign. With the ardent russophob Bagirov and the honourable nightman Govorukhin. - that to expostulate
of Necha on a mirror.
the Concert is already ended. Hand over a requisite and in cash desk behind the fee. Curtain. It is not necessary to come for bows - the public already dispersed.