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What women attract men?

Some women have the surprising gift. They do not need to play ritual games of a seducing. They do not spend time for learning by heart “Rules and councils how quickly to win the man of the dream“. They do not even worry before appointments! They are always weakened, quiet and sure of themselves. Are natural, pleasant, cheerful and carefree.

Such women precisely know what they are worthy, and create the relations not because are afraid of loneliness but because want that they were loved and appreciated what they are actually. They are not afraid to demand the best and do not allow to pull to themselves the wool over the eyes. This self-respect guarantees that men with whom such women communicate respect them and do everything that only those will wish.

At such women everything is serious. Any games. They do not need a coquetry and flirtation. On them sink down also without it.

They do not follow journal sermons on “inexpediency“ of the first step, allegedly because men like passion of prosecution. And, thank God, do not sever relations if the elect does not give jewelry and romantic gifts in the form of flowers and candies. Rather attractive woman knows that from such manipulations there is more harm, than advantage.

She knows where there is that golden mean meanwhile to be “too available“, and “to play games“. It never completely reveals before the man, but at the same time and does not count the “put“ number of appointments before very intimate becoming and allowing him to the body.

It is impossible to tell that such woman does not represent without it the life. It does not cancel the planned appointments and meetings only because he invited her where - nibud. It has priorities and the rich life: career, friends, hobbies, pets, evening school, gym, favourite TV shows. And all this madly is pleasant to it. And she values it.

Of course, it will make room in the life for the man who is necessary to it, but will not begin to go for the sake of it on ears and to endow the interests. She will not sit at phone waiting when he, at last, calls. But also will not rush to other extreme, pretending to be hyper active and “imperceptible“. Games in “ah, I such mysterious and inaccessible“ are not necessary to it at all. It is cleverer and higher than such, frankly speaking, primitive receptions. And men appreciate it.

Such woman perfectly understands: if you want to see near yourself the prince on a white horse, in return too it is necessary to offer something.

Extraordinary attractive woman is realistic. She knows that fairy tales of her childhood in which the beautiful rich prince wins the heart of the princess are only fairy tales. It does not limit the choice by men who are “catch“. She does not estimate men by the size of their purse, their career, reputation or a make of the car. She does not seek for “mismatch“ as if some feudal peasant. She does not rely upon hopes that some rich, successful man suddenly will appear in her life and will make it happy and worthy.

She relies only upon herself and works on herself day and night. When business concerns partners and potential husbands, extraordinary attractive woman estimates them on an emotionality scale, but does not count inconsiderately their money, specifying a revenue, percent of the equity stake and volume of real estate.

Naturalness - nearly the most important dignity and incredibly attractive line of all worthy women. Such woman will not be dishonest with men. She will not be nervous on appointment to the one who really is pleasant to it, will not feel as she on shows, will not try to be pleasant and behave unnaturally.

She will not be engaged in “self-editing“ words and thoughts which as it seems to it, can not get approvals. She knows that dishonest with the man to be bad. Even if it likes that which communicates with it. And if he falls in love with “actress“, then nothing good will turn out. Because he will fall in love not with her, and at image which she so diligently created.

Such woman knows it, and it is easy for it to be herself, she behaves relaxedly, honestly and adequately. If she wants to discuss something, she and does - because it is important for her. And it has enough self-esteem that it remained its priority.

If her gentleman does not agree with it, she does not fly into a rage and does not recede with humility. She surely holds the ground, proving the opinion politely and mannerly.

All this as a magnet, attracts men.