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How to improve the observation? Very many of us see

, but do not notice. The reason of it is that you will not be able to remember what was not noticed. Eyes have to see that the brain had an opportunity to interpret.

For example, look at this phrase:

The farther in the wood, that the have more than firewood.

What is written? “The deeper you go into something, the bigger the problem get“? Look once again, I want that you were convinced of the correctness. Checked themselves?

You can look once again if you want. If you still think what there is written: “The deeper you go into something, the bigger the problem get“, you are similar to most of people: you are not observant. Some people watched ten times at this phrase and swore that it is written. But in it - that is told: “Than farther in the wood, that those have more than firewood“.

The word “ of subjects “ repeats two times here!

Someone from you will decide that this example not absolutely honest. Perhaps. Our mind is inclined to run forward or to finish familiar phrases. But I all the same think that this example proves lack of observation at the majority of us. Try it on the friends, and you agree with me.

To improve observation, first of all it is necessary to learn to see things with full attention and concentration. If you want to practice - and observation due to practice becomes a habit, then I can offer you the following exercise .

Take a sheet of paper and try to write down on it everything that is in one of your rooms, certainly, without looking to this room. Write down everything that you can remember: furniture, pictures, jewelry etc. of

Then come into the room and check the list. Note all objects which you did not write down or which you really did not notice. Leave the room and try once again. Your list will become is longer after each check of the room. Make the same with other rooms of the house.

If you continue similar exercises, your observation will surely improve, and you will notice much more details - as indoors, and beyond its limits.

Imagine well familiar street on which you walked a set of times. Check whether you will manage to remember shops which are located on this street. Write down in the correct order. Then check yourself. And when next time you will walk, attentively look at a show-window of some shop. Then, without looking one show-window more, check what quantity from the objects exposed on it you will manage to list.

Present the person someone from close friends and try to describe its the small in all details. Then check the description when next time you meet this person. Pay attention to what you never noticed earlier.

There is a large number of ways by means of which you can check the observation, and the more you will check it, the it will be better to become. I want to assure you that if you listen and look with full attention and concentration, then not only you will save time and will relieve yourself of excess problems, but also at once improve the memory.