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How meet spring in Moldova? Annually on March 1 residents of Moldova meet

spring by a beautiful holiday Mertsishor (m ă r ţ i ş or).
of Tradition of national holidays of people of the world as usual have roots in the past and develop throughout many centuries. One of them historical events are the cornerstone, of others - the legends which are handed down. In the Moldavian national holiday Mertsishor (m ă r ţ i ş or) history intertwines with several legends which arose in an extreme antiquity when people personified forces of nature.
Agrees one of them Mertsishor symbolizes the &ndash updating; victory of Spring over fierce Winter. The beauty - in the first day of the reign came Spring to a wood edge, saw in blackthorn bushes making the way from - under snow Giochel (snowdrop) and decided to exempt it from winter fetters. But Winter, without wishing to concede the possession, sent evil frosts with intention to ruin a delicate flower. When the Spring bent to warm it the heat and to rescue, pricked about blackthorn thorns. The drop of hot blood concerned a snowdrop, it gained strength, recovered, and the Spring came into the own. Other legend narrates
that the Dragon stole the Sun which went down on the earth in an image of the beautiful girl then there came the darkness, despondency and cold. The courageous young man released the Sun which lit the world and warmed the earth, having presented to people pleasure. But in battle with the Serpent the young man was wounded. On the place where drops of its blood fell on snow, white flowers - snowdrops, harbingers of spring grew. In gratitude for rescue a mascot of his memory became it is red - white Mertsishor.
History in own way treats holiday sources, but confirms its ancient origin of times of the Roman Empire. Archeologists at excavation found stones of red and white color which carried on a neck more than 8 thousand years ago.
Modern mertsishor represent two is red - the white threads weaved together with flowers on the ends. Various form and the size they are made by skillful skilled workers over all country by March 1 and represent arrival of spring. People give each other mertsishor in acknowledgement with wishes of fulfillment of desires and carry attached to clothes on the right side of a breast all March. At the end of the month by tradition the mertsishor is hung up on the blossoming tree, having made at the same time a desire which on a belief will be granted surely.
the National holiday Mertsishor generated one more good tradition to hold in the country in the first days of March a musical festival with the name of the same name which acquired the status of international today. To Moldova there comes a large number of guests from many states. From March 1 to March 10 within a festival in all halls and theaters of Chisinau there take place concerts with speech of actors of various genres and musical directions.
Residents of Moldova hospitably accept all who wish to touch national Moldavian traditions and to participate in the holiday “Mertsishor“, making the contribution to development of friendship between people of the world.