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About scandals and feminism of

Feminism - a usual thing. Perhaps you also do not notice how you argue with girlfriends in cafe at whom worse the gentleman who kozly more avariciously. Discussion of the husband or lover in a bad key promises additional problems with the same husband or the lover. Yes, we different, men and women, the thinking at us well absolutely differs, and sometimes it seems that it absolutely tyu - tyu and to it, it is in turn sighed oh these women... But the love is capable to smooth the moments, the main thing not to start scandal.

scandal as big tennis, three sets, throwing of object of game from the field in the field, and only the short skirt together with harmonous legs can rescue a situation. The man not the fool, time he shirks a showdown, so your game is already lost, means you are not of to it interest at present. I will open a secret - all men dream of one. To live quietly!
Throw a racket, eventually, on this field to sleep and eat, live and give birth to you, do not take away a grass tennis shoes, they are as if good were, lay a bed on court and urgently be engaged in business, and between times shake up cream and dip strawberry into champagne. And yes there will be light!

I want to tell about pressure upon men and possible consequences. It is often possible to see a picture as the wife to saw the husband, on the street, in shop, in movies and anywhere. For some reason we consider that we it is cleverer also as his new mother, we can bring up and change it. Such suppression and an odergivaniye leads, as a rule, or to alcoholism, or the man leaves, he did not subscribe for a role of the henpecked, even signing the marriage license. In essence we difficult cocktail from animal instincts and spiritual matter - souls therefore all of us love freedom, and men especially. Female freedom sometimes seems to women in controlling everyone and everything. You not Hitler, you lady...

And so, it is possible to change the man only for his following woman! Be as a military registration and enlistment office, accept the man it what it is. You - as a branch of a fluffy willow, the soft, charming woman, but not a naked breast in Davos on an embrasure . Protect the darlings.