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How the state of health of thoroughbred dogs influences posterity?

Certainly to be interested in health of puppies it is necessary to begin with their “parents“. The correct tactics is demonstration at sale of puppies of their “mother“ and “father“ - “look what they healthy“.

Only at elite breeds inevitable problems are deformation of genetics, deformation of frame, paws, wool. All that does breed by breed inevitably causes demolition of immune mechanisms. Without it it is impossible to receive new breed. So any breed is no other than a certain deformation of immune structures.

However it must be kept in mind that not only a genotype - the family tree, but also current state of “parents“ significantly influences a condition of puppies. With sore kidneys it will be difficult to bring healthy puppies therefore health of puppies is defined long before their birth into world.

In any treatise on east medicine you will find the reference that “a liver - mother of all bodies“ that very unambiguously hints at its importance in an organism. And as exactly in the same treatise you will without effort be informed on a subject that “gene energy is developed by kidneys“ - here and the minimum “set of efforts“.

It is necessary to tell that the liver holds special position in any live organism, in any case, at the highest beings. Existence of “specific barrier functions of immunity“ depends on it, it defines “tonichnost“ in an organism, it and the filter. At any external influences influencing immunity, a liver the first gets “under blow“.

And as we already know, breed is a demolition of immune functions so we hear “breed“ - we write “a liver in the anamnesis“. Certainly, it is not necessary to be frightened, but it is not necessary to be frightened in general, and in our case especially as it is difficult to find such second body capable to full regeneration in an organism, and not only “speculative“ functions of activity, and real organic chemistry.

As all poisons influence a liver, and all homeopathy represents poisons - organic or chemical, the list of “hepatic“ preparations in homeopathy just inspires. So the liver also reacts not bad, and more than it is enough preparations therefore here not everything is so hopeless, and somewhere it is even possible, as a rule, “to speak about very good clinical prospects“.

But, certainly, “give birth kidneys“, and it, however, concerns not only puppies so about it we have one more subject of care. In - the first, unlike a liver, kidneys are for some reason less active in respect of regeneration (well, stones - that, of course, are removed, are more precisely dissolved under the influence of homeopathic remedies). But if the liver from which by surgical intervention “otmetelit“ more than a third under the influence of gomeopreparat is restored in full that it is easy to confirm with usual ultrasonic inspection, then does not happen to kidneys of such “focuses“. However, as well as with the majority of bodies and systems though functioning is restored very effectively and preparations it is less.

So, liver and kidneys. During the earliest period after conception of a kidney of mother begin to function actively, strengthening thus the stimulating influence of a liver. As as we already noted, any breed - “the liver in the anamnesis“, and, by the way, is about a “sluggish“ liver - when the power of a liver is suppressed - from a liver sharp activization is required.

It is rather simple to explain this fact: in the earliest period of conception the organism passes to the extreme scheme of functioning - well, in general, it is necessary to create still the whole set of organisms that demands from it, an organism of mother, hyperactivity. At the same time in the itself raised metabolism causes the necessity of increase of efficiency of function of desintoxication - allocation function that already in itself demands from a liver of too much.

Therefore, in general, so to say, percent is defined on the 80th quality of thoroughbred puppies by a condition of a liver of mother. While their “gene pool“ - kidneys of “father“. Therefore until “a happy meeting of the father and mother“, so to say, at least in a month, it is necessary to think of “father`s“ kidneys. After conception, certainly, efforts only about mother.

Here it is necessary to remember that it is about quite healthy “father“ - in the sense that even if “father“ also is healthy, it is desirable “to podstimulirovat“ kidneys. For a number of reasons, from the homeopathic point of view, healthy to be rather difficult for “father“ without homeopathy, but it is a single question.

It is necessary to remember that creation of a new organism demands increase of intensity of an exchange therefore it is worth to remember about digestibility of nutrients. By the way, here it is important to remember that as the homeopathy does not contain any substance, homeopathic calcium does not bring any calcium in an organism, but carries out very important function - activization of an exchange of calcium.

So we do not even suspect that very often substances in our organism can just not be acquired also in the presence of quite nutritious diet. All this diet “takes off“, in general, “for a pipe“. Application of homeopathy allows “to use“ foodstuff most effectively.

So at purpose of homeopathic calcium - calcium in an organism will increase, but not at the expense of a preparation, and due to activation of function of its assimilation.

All the rest depends on concrete health of an animal and is defined, so to say, by his personal clinic.