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Purse or life?

Are one of those phrases in which associations cardinally disperse from sense. This luscious texture of letters reminds me the Soviet animation - robbers from “The Bremen musicians“ and pirates from “Treasure island“, kind villains, in a word. But I chose such name not incidentally: the speech in article will go both about a purse, and about life, namely how they at each other influence.

You sometime heard about the concept “financial literacy“? I mean that which has to be present at life of people of middle-income, a basis. Not that which is necessary for commission of large deals in the financial markets or for acceptance paramount business - decisions. I speak about yaselk on the way to the university diploma more likely.

Probably, quite often you should hear “I live from a salary to a salary...“ or “Money as water through fingers...“. No wonder, very few people reflect (and if reflects, then quickly he forgets about it) what to live according to the income is a fundamental moment on the way to prosperity. About it further the speech will also go.

I on personal experience felt how works creditno - monetary structure. Now this bitter experience as a mustard plaster on a bottom, burns down slightly, but also pleasant it is not enough.

Somehow time managed me to start up in the restless head a drizzle “But whether not to take me the car on credit? And as, of course to take! Pasha, as Father Carlo. What I, did not deserve, perhaps? All take around, than I am worse?!“

Having rinsed properly everything in the head, having safely eliminated everything “but“, quickly I get down to business. Credit office, guarantor, sale of an old basin. Having done without otherworldly forces, in few weeks proudly I sit in new, respectable and that there, the okhrenitelny car.

But, blinded by an anticipation of property, new, movable to two hundred twenty kilometers per hour, I did not consider at all that from - for new monthly (be not frightened) expenses from something it is necessary to refuse. As a result of any to you available funds, the salary warmed - and at once made the handle, about accumulation I in general am silent.

Over time I understood that the purpose does not justify means. To restrain and limit the life for the sake of something on what did not earn yet, at least it is silly, on bigger - idiocy. And it occurs pretty often. Come off for a second reading and wonder: whether you live according to the income? Whether the gluttonous mouse was got in your purse? I think, the majority who will have enough courage to answer honestly these questions will be found by problem places in the corn bins. All of us are people, and all at us have weaknesses. But one business - when is weakness, and you do not realize it, and absolutely another when is, realize and continue by it to indulge.

I want to cover the description of a method in this article - how to outline border of the financial opportunities. Only do not misunderstand me, I do not propagandize economy in total scale. It is an extreme. I consider that rational distribution of money for certain spheres of life - in the long term and is that, mythical panacea of financial stability.

The idea of this method is in breaking the life into financial zones, for this purpose it is enough to have before itself a sheet of paper or to open the blank Excel file. Break the monthly expenses on their target signs now. For example, everything that belongs to food, can be called “Food“, everything that puts on and rushes - “Clothes“. It is also necessary not to forget such important things as “Housing“. It can be “The capital for future business“ or “Funds for study“ for the little man in a diaper splashing barefoot legs on a floor while you read this article. In total here.

At me it looks so:
1. The capital - 10%;
2. A moneybox - 8%;
3. Housing - 28%;
4. Food - 22%;
5. Education - 7% (self-education, books, seminars);
6. Clothes - 9%;
7. Rest - 9%;
8. Additional expenses - 7%.

Now when before your person the detailed list of all financial zones, define how many money you monthly spend for the main - such as “Housing“ or “Food“. It is not necessary to calculate to within kopek, take with a small stock. Distribute the remained money from the approximate monthly income for the remained zones. If your income constant, it is even simpler. Be not afraid to be mistaken in process of use of this method, with experience everything will rise on the places.

You had approximate sums, and you can count percent which you spend for this or that zone from the monthly income. Pay attention as it looks at me.

Well, and further - things are easy: collected all will in one place, it is desirable not below a waist, and that through it both will leave, and we follow the simple scheme. (At the end of every month the remained spare cash from the zones “Housing“, “Food“, “Additional Expenses“, I send to “Rest“ if business approaches holiday, or in “Moneybox“ if I want to get something. As these zones next month will all the same be updated.)

What it will give?

In - the first, it will make transparent your financial opportunities, and you will never get into a situation it seems “Bought the new TV, until the end of a month on macaroni now!“ (Any Italian after this phrase with astonishment would begin to clap glazishcham, but give to Russian of cutlet). In - the second, storing money on one bank account, you will be able always to define how many at you on holiday and how many on new jeans. Still it works and as the motivator, pushes on achievement of new financial heights.

I very much like the phrase someone from wise: “The one who looks for truth around himself tramples down legs that he looks for!“ I think, it as is impossible by the way approaches what I speak about. It is not necessary to think: “Ouch, I have a small salary why to be troubled by management of it, here when receive much, that`s when I will undertake financial literacy!“ It is self-deception and delusion. It is necessary to take what is now and to begin to work on it. Then will be then.

Squandering is an addiction which, as well as all other habits, with each new repetition settles somewhere in us more and more deeply, the moment when it is almost impossible to cope with it does not come yet.

I did not try to represent a secret whispering behind closed doors about certain to nobody the known secret. You, probably, more than once heard about something similar. But the nobility and not to do - all the same what not to know.

And finally analogy.

Present the hill of meters of thirty. You stand on top of this vast object overgrown with a rare bush and sometimes long-term trees. You have two ways to go down, one almost instant by bicycle without brakes and a wheel, another on a ladder. In both cases you will reach the bottom of the hill, a difference only in how quickly it happens and in what state. In the first case - most likely in agonal.

If you have same difficulties of management of the money which I once had, then now you have a choice, and only on you depends - to rush like mad, collecting various vegetation on the way and if very much carries, and trunks of trees (bankruptcy) or to go down (though not so quickly) a sure gait, step by step, holding on to the banister!

Earn money with work, and spend intelligently. To in total you good.