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Why pets are ill?

the Subject of development of diseases of our pets is extremely important and interesting, and her idea could be formulated approximately so: animals support from - us, we - from - animals. It is necessary to deal with it.

At the beginning about simple. Developing, both cats, and dogs, and any other pets absorb our biofields, absorb our biological environment, absorb conditions of our own life. Also develop in these conditions. So, at the birch which incidentally sprouted through asphalt or through a chink at the wall of the house, branches will look in one party, and the birch will grow a little “crooked“. Animals as if just “grow“ into our life, into an our biofield. Also try to fill with themselves all possible emptiness.

Of course, there is always a probability to catch on the street that concerns also to us. But nevertheless we are ill not so much from - for external factors how many “from - for our life“. In this sense Ganeman who is the founder of homeopathy noted that “it is necessary to treat the vital principle“, and to select preparations for the principle of similarity.

Subsequently his colleagues easily rejected the first element, but too concentrated on the second. And at such approach not that not to cure an animal, the person as the vital principle, or living conditions, are not investigated. And collecting symptomatology, or complaints of the patient, is always difficult. Animals are inclined to be silent more, though the ordinary patient - the person - is also not ideal option for homeopathic research as it is more difficult to speak about the feelings to it sometimes even, than to a cat or a dog. In any case to the skilled doctor or the doctor wishing to cure the person, to be guided by his stories about itself - business very troublesome.

So if we live in abnormal conditions, in the abnormal environment if we have stresses and we lead not too “healthy lifestyle“, then how to be healthy a pet if all of them (well, of course, grown in your house) always - from the moment of the birth to the death - constantly try to compensate or at least partially to revitalize an our biosreda.

There can be a question: why they do it. However, perhaps, this question also distinguishes people from animals. At the same time, if such question suddenly arose, then difference it at all not in favor of the person as in all live world life is valuable by definition, and nobody against life will go. And on the contrary, will seek to support her in every possible way.

Who them, except you to feed - that will become? Therefore between feedings ours “house partners“ (the word “cohabitants“ somehow not really approaches) treat us just like that, and during food - “with additional enthusiasm“. Because are also ill. Animals, unlike us, possess advanced biofield structure. When we say that “beings are developed highly and not really“, some evaluation criterion is necessary. So, for example, the person has three bodies in the submission: physical, astral and mental. Physical - it also is so clear, the astral body is our mentality: feelings, emotions, pleasures and chagrin. The mental body is a mind and the speech.

Concerning cats and dogs: a body physical - we observe, - is more than enough of emotions. Well, and those from “animal owners“ who live with them in peace and friendship, know that, or a body mental, they have “soobrazhalka“ too. However they do not possess the speech, and as compensation their astral body is developed much stronger, than ours. This body they also “scan“ us at any distance - minutes for 30 before arrival home.

Therefore if you are on friendly terms with your cat, you will have houses of the therapist - the psychic. By the way, supervision show that the cat, coming to get warm to you, will always lay down on a sore point (if you lie in a bed). What is even more curious, the cat never comes to get warm. If it to you came, it always comes “to warm you“. However, it concerns mostly to cats not purebred. At cats thoroughbred this “movement of soul“ is developed much less as they perfectly know that they are a subject of pride of the owner, and in general, that they valuable addition of an interior.

Generally, thoroughbred cats assume primary care of themselves. Another matter an ordinary cat - she is healthy “by the nature“ and therefore it “has an opportunity to help also the owner“. This feature of “biological therapy“ was noticed still by ancient Egyptians why they very much appreciated cats.

By the way, by the homeopathic principle of similarity, than your cat “more Egyptian“, that she is more “lechebna“. The your cat “more Persian“, and actually Chinese, the she “is more pointless“. Generally, demands care and leaving.

And upas you God to row to a cat! Headaches are that “an initial and fast minimum of your state“ which at you is formed at once. At the same time there will be also an after-effect. The your cat “more Siamese“, the this after-effect longer. So “the Egyptian cats“ - “cats mainly medical“, the Chinese cats (Persians) - more subject of cares and lamentations, Siamese cats - medical, but the revenge is included into their biology.

Therefore cats mainly treat your biofields and biofields of your house: for this reason cats the first were also let in the beginning in the new house that to secure it against “unnecessary biofields“.

The dog at the heart of the is a watchman, and in her pathogenesis the fear always prevails. The dog nevertheless is more slave to the person, than his friend. Or, more precisely, your relations with a dog will be under construction by the principle that someone from you “will always be a chief“.

Cats will “simply to live nearby“.