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Why the wind gun is learned to do each American member of spetsnaz?

Are one of the most available and effective remedies of defeat at short distances. Absolutely silent, simple in production, it allows to deliver shells to considerable distance (to 30 meters). The design is elementary - a hollow tube and a stock of charges.

The wind gun from an extreme antiquity practically everywhere where there lived people was used and plants of which it was possible to make a strong, equal and long tube grew. Bamboo, for example.

Shot from such thingummy most often the poisoned arrows as there was not enough power of lungs even of the trained person for serious defeat even of medium-sized animals and birds. And the poisoned arrow it is enough to hit the mark, poison is farther will make the business. (It is possible to shoot an easy subject rather far and neatly.)

Not only arrows could be charges. However, in the famous monograph of N. G. Shprintsin (Sb. Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography, L. 1929, No. 8) the wind gun is called “a strelometatelny tube“ though it was specified in the monograph that “allegedly four types of ammunition were used: arrows, bullets, fraction and incendiary structures“.

I do not represent how to shoot from a wind tubule in fraction, but if to try, then and it can be made. But sense? Even very sharp exhalation will throw out fraction, in - the first, nearby, in - the second, energy of each grain will be very small. Here an operenny arrow - another matter!

Pools were used too, and not only when hunting for animals and birds, but also on … chelovek. The Spanish historian Antonio Gerrera so wrote about wind guns of Aztecs: “... Everyone is decorated with figures of birds and animals; the mouthpiece was made of gold and had length from 5 to 6 inches; the central part had ornament from gold, to each gun was given sumkaiz a wattled gold grid for carrying of ball bullets... from the hardened clay which can kill the person or a wild animal from average distance“ (A. Herrera y Tordesillas, Description des Indes occidentales, Amsterdam, 1622). And ingenious Leonardo who da Vinci, in discussion about laws of ballistics refers to results of firing from the wind gun round to bullets (to L. Vinci, Codex Arundel, fol. 24v.) And remember pools which shot at lessons and changes at school! Peas, rice, plastic balls and even round “vitaminka“, everything was used ““. Other handymen shot peas even turns, neatly and painfully!

Really all this in the past? Aha, now …

“The wind weapon - the pneumatic weapon in which for compression of air muscular energy of lungs of the person is used“ , GOST 24241 - 80 “The weapon pneumatic. Terms and definitions“. Here about what tells state standard as we see from its number, accepted in 1980 and acting on today`s time. That is the wind gun - nevertheless the weapon, with the merits and demerits. The most modern.

Prospects of use of the wind weapon as silent fowling piece still excite minds of inventors. Here one of the last the German patent application No. OS 3 232 818 from 08. 03. 1984. “The wind gun for the sports and medical veterinary purposes. It is equipped with a replaceable mouthpiece and the handle. It is executed by folding and allows change of length of a trunk“.

And how many designs the modern industry offers! The lightest and strong materials for a tube. Length is from 60 cm to 4 - x meters! Mouthpieces with silver nanoparticles … Sights up to optical! The set of arrows to each such “product“ - any native will die of envy. A guarantee, technical maintenance - all inclusive! Researches in this area continue, the fashion on sports firing from the wind weapon only begins. Sports circles and even associations on sports firing from this most ancient adaptation are created.

Well, and at the end of article - the answer to the question which is taken out in heading: why the wind gun is learned to do each American member of spetsnaz?

Because it is necessary. Moreover, it is vital! To survive in the jungle or the deserted desert where birds, rodents or lizards do not admit the person on distance of an outstretched arm, it is possible only with the weapon.

And if near at hand there is even no primitive slingshot and pebbles of the suitable size … And it is impossible to go off with a bang from the gun or a rifle if you do not want to find yourself. And a knife here not always the assistant to throw a knife in a small birdie - is more expensive to itself, you will lose a knife - you will die precisely! And here to practice in hit by arrows from a wind tubule in a birdie or a rat, with a pleasant bonus in the form of a lunch - please. Only it is also necessary, to cut down a stalk of a bamboo or reed, to clean core, to cut off stalks of a strong grass and to tighten to one edge of an arrow a strong and sharp prickle, and with another to a razmochalennya vegetable fibers.

All. The most ancient on the planet Earth the throwing weapon is ready to fight!