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How thieves - burglars work in the USA? Own bitter experience of

We with the husband had to leave at several o`clock the house on urgent matters to the city. We live in 50 km from Tucson (the USA, the State of Arizona), the road one way takes about an hour. We left the house in 11. The 30th mornings, were absent about four hours. Having come back home, opened a lateral door - the main entrance to our house - and felt something wrong …

Here someone was

All doors indoors were open, in bathrooms light burned. First of all my husband warned me that I did not concern any objects, and called by phone 911. While we waited for arrival of police, decided to survey other rooms of the house.

In a bedroom boxes of a dresser rolled on a floor, from them all things were shaken out. Our jewelry which lay above a dresser were stolen.

Continuing survey, we found out that the door of an office and the storeroom of the husband which he always locked on locks were open too. Cash is stolen from the storeroom. In its office all boxes of a table were open, but the robber did not show interest in documents. The door of my office was open too, boxes of a table are put forward, but computers were on the place. They did not interest the thief. It was pleasant opening!

Investigating my bathroom, I found out that the robber carefully checked all possible places, but for myself found nothing interesting.

Before arrival of police it became clear that the burglar purposefully looked for money and jewelry. By the way, stolen he put everything in a pillowcase which he removed from a pillow in a drawing room.

As the thief got into the house

Having finished preliminary survey of the house after assault, we could recreate how the burglar got inside.

Our house has 3 doors: the main entrance and lateral door - metal, each of them is locked on two locks. And one more glass sliding door conducts in a patio - the covered court yard, it is locked from within. Leaving the house, we had to block from within a glass door that it could not be opened outside. Adaptation for this purpose is available, but we somehow did it not every time.

The thief very accurately wrung out the lock of this door and got inside. Locks in an office and the storeroom of the husband were wrung accurately out too, but not cracked. The professional worked obviously.

What is curious, the thief did not show any interest in the weapon which was stored in the husband`s office. If he coveted the small gun and three guns, then in case of capture to him would add several years of imprisonment. He too well knew it therefore he did not pay any attention to “guns“.

Visit of the sheriff and detective

In 10 minutes after a call arrived the sheriff. It asked several questions of incident, but inside was not going to come, he waited for arrival of the colleague - the detective from other department. In 5-7 minutes the second car from where the detective appeared approached. Both are police officers, armed with guns, entered the house, checked each room and only then started detailed survey.

Each room was attentively investigated by them, is photographed, fingerprints on each surface which the thief concerned are taken. After that detailed poll followed that at us was gone. I transferred the jewelry, the husband described the loss and called the sum of cash which the thief stole from his hiding place.

While police officers worked in the house, I decided to pass along a six hundred-meter fence and to look from what party the robber came. I quickly found this place. Apparently, the burglar watched the house not one day. The fence opposite to the covered court yard was broken, for this purpose he used special tools. Just like that it could not be made hands. Having seen that both of us went by the car, he waited some time, then moved along the planned route.

Having wrung out a patio door, he, apparently, found indoors only couple of cats who hid from the stranger. He very quickly and professionally walked on the house in search of a certain production, remembering that we can return at any time. Offhand, it was in the house no more than 10 - 15 minutes. Coming back with stolen in the same way, the thief left couple of remarkable prints of the footwear. Later I paid attention of police officers to this oversight of the thief.

That there were then

Police officers spent more than two hours in the house. When work was finished, they gave the detailed written instruction about our rights. Where and whom to address and where it is possible to receive a detailed report about a crime scene.

When the police left, my husband called insurance company where the house from any natural cataclysms, the fire etc. is insured. It turned out that conditions of an insurance provided compensation in case of a robbery. It was very pleasant opening.

The officer of the company in detail asked that was gone how many money was stolen, what jewelry, what their cost. He warned that conversation by phone is recorded. This conversation took about about an hour. The insurance agent told that he will be able to estimate approximately stolen property cost according to our descriptions and promised to call back.

Really, in an hour the call from insurance company was distributed. The officer reported that they can compensate us 50% of cost stolen jeweler a product and cash. It is better, than nothing. At the end of conversation the employee of the company told that he sends us the check for the specified sum and the papers containing information on the stolen things and its assessment by insurance company. The company did not demand any supporting documents from police!

the Epilogue

In couple of days we went to police department behind the report. It contained only the description of the scene and the list of the stolen things. Several days later the husband called police and took an interest whether it was succeeded to find fingerprints and to find them in the database. But, apparently, the burglar was “old bird“, worked in gloves. Prints of footwear added nothing to identification of the identity of the criminal. It is available - typical “wood-grouse“.

But not without reason speak - everything that becomes, always to the best. This episode set us thinking on safety of our dwelling. On the agenda: change of locks, installation of system of supervision outside and indoors … and purchase of one more gun just in case.

Under the American laws if someone without invitation interferes on the territory of a private property, the owner can shoot in the air, it will be the prevention. But if the uninvited guest gets into the house, then the owner can shoot at it without any prevention. The law will be on the party of the owner of the house.

Follows from this sad story that it is always necessary to think of safety of the dwelling and close people in advance not to get involved in such unpleasant incident in which come to be we from - for the disorder.