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How to distinguish “bad advice“?

the Question which is taken out in heading have purely rhetorical character. The answer - in any way. I since youth had a belief that there is certain “office“ specializing in an inventing of truly bad advice and then attaching them in various editions under the guise of useful.

I will not forget the first serious culinary experiment on preparation of a dish under the name “Cod with Horse-radish“. In a week after a wedding when our brand new “gift“ refrigerator which is carefully loaded by mummy became empty, I, the nineteen-year-old foolish woman, opened the “gift“ edition of the book “Russian Traditional Cuisine“ and chose the simple recipe from the section “Fish dishes“.

I will not tire readers with details, I will tell only that the muck left utter. And business was not in inexperience of the young hostess. This volume is stored in a family still, and now when “cooking“ became for me not a routine duty, but hobby, it is similar to creativity, I with confidence can tell that due to negligence, to an inconsistency and frank nonprofessionalism of the provided recipes this edition adequately the Guinness Books of Records. I store only in memory of the late first husband.

Amazing by the nonsense and uselessness, and even to some extent dangerous “bad advice“ can be met everywhere. Glossy editions dazzle with “ 10 recommendations of ways to marry the chief“ or “How to convince the admirer to present you “Bentley“. Magazines from the “For the House, for a Family“ series can advise “to refresh color of a carpet with strong solution of vinegar“ or to clean suede footwear a grain crust. And in some Sunday newspaper, without being confused at all, the short paragraph instruct everyone how to carry out full-scale repair in the apartment.

I do not speak about near any more - is national - the medical editions which are so loved by pensioners where absolutely wild councils for treatment of various diseases sent, by the way, by readers are published by time. Someone treats hemorrhoids cucumbers, someone uses eczema kerosene and which - who recommends not only to drink urine, but also hair to rinse with it …

Of course, I exaggerate, meet, probably, and a wise advice, but how to distinguish “grains from a ryegrass“? Somehow itself “bought“ the foolish way “update“ silver products - in morning TV program the certain “house master“ with all responsibility claimed that if in a saucepan to boil together with a foil from a chocolate something from silver, then “something“ will begin to shine as brand new. Nonsense! After this procedure the small, darkened from time spoon became in general black, with some iridescent outflow.

It would seem, with the advent of the various forums “on interests“ the problem of “bad advice“ had to lose the relevance - people have an opportunity in real time to discuss these or those recommendations - on car repairs, on care of pets, according to the same culinary recipes. To discuss - that is to express the opinion, the given “advice“ works or not.

Not here - that was! Bad advice has directly - mystical survival what I also was convinced the other day of.

At one of culinary forums the attention was drawn by the recipe of a shish kebab with use of a kiwi in marinade. Enthusiastic responses - even 17 pages!

We have in a family a shish kebab - pleasure all-weather, at country life and to prepare it in the winter - not a problem. Therefore for the new recipe, besides the making stunning success in virtual space, I that is called “grasped“ at once. Only it was also required that in two hours prior to frying to add to the meat wetted in lemon juice the crushed kiwi fruits - effect tremendous was guaranteed! Meat had to turn out extraordinary soft, juicy and fragrant.

We made everything in accuracy according to the recipe though we never pickled before shish kebabs in such hostile environment as lemon juice. Kiwis added accurately according to the instruction too - on one fruit on kilogram of meat.

That with meat something is wrong I noticed minutes through forty - pieces is unhealthy turned white, became some osklizly. But the spouse insisted on that recommendations of the author of the recipe were implemented up to the end.

And here, at last, after two hours, having uncovered a pan in which meat was pickled, we saw the weight brown, disgusting by sight - there was no opportunity to identify in it an initial product, namely selected pair pork.

Pieces of meat hardly kept on skewers, crept away and strove to slide off on coals. Which - as, having shown miracles of skill and “technology of frying“, my blessed all - managed to prepare “the first party“.

Taste - vile, such feeling as though to you someone not only chewed this shish kebab, but already and digested. Amazingly, but even a characteristic smell of a fire, “smoke“ - and that was not felt. Whether it is necessary to say that “the second party“ went straight to a dog bowl - our sheep-dog is omnivorous, sometimes it seems to me that it can burst nails not that “a shish kebab with a kiwi“.

It is good that meat we had only two kilograms, and it prepared, as they say, “for themselves“ - though before friends were not dishonored.

Next day I was specially registered in that culinary community where this ugly recipe “prospered“, and left honest, though quite emotional comment. What my surprise when in several hours literally held apart the blog from responses was - the people already wore “shish kebabs with a kiwi“, in passing mourning the spoiled products. The author, by the way, did not react to “negative“ in any way.

And how previous 17 pages? Then people extolled the recipe, even without having found time to test it? What for?! And as convincingly wrote: “… Guests were delighted“, “Did not try anything better“, “I will prepare only this way now“ …

To be fair needs to tell that some part of responses on these 17 - ti pages everything are carried approvingly - uncertain character, like “thanks for fine idea, I will try“. Few times flew short “it was not pleasant“. But in general the steady impression was made that this recipe “went to the people“ and enjoys wide popularity there.

As all - to distinguish a bad advice? About it is in the first paragraph.