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How to fight with a motion sickness in transport? Attentively observed

Ya how the girl literally turned inside out. The bus driver clasped the head with hands and painfully murmured something in the Cambodian language. Something similar on “vay - Wai - Wai“. I even turned and told it in Russian: “Here to you and Vi - Vi - Vi, and the St. George`s day!“.

Uslykhav the phrase in unprecedentedly difficult and unclear language, the Cambodian gutturally karknut and began to lament with a new force. The matter is that its old - the bus, old, similar to a rusty can, underwent the Russian sickening attack.

We just overcame long moving to border of Thailand and Cambodia and passed customs control. Entered on the ancient earth of Khmers. Drove off from border couple of tens kilometers, and here began...

The girl turned inside out. We could not help it in any way. Every time when it with goggled from tension raised the head from a package which was held by the careful doctor by the name of Sergey Stanislavovich, I who is also nearby gently asked it: “How do you feel?“ After this question the head unfortunate right there directed in a package.

A then I got the handle with a notebook: Sergey Stanislavovich, the doctor with solid medical experience, answered me a number of questions. He let know at once what “rocked to sleep“ the girl. I asked in what and where there was its mistake. While the head of unfortunate disappeared and came up from a package, I learned how to fight with a motion sickness in general.

Refuse alcohol

Alcohol destabilizes a vestibular mechanism. In the bus or the plane it will lull someone, and someone will rock to sleep and then... The head dives into a package if is in time. Therefore, if you know that you are inclined to a motion sickness, refuse alcohol-containing drinks. Here you will reach to the place - then another matter. Our heroine obviously drank the day before. During the next vynyrivaniye from a package I asked it strictly: “You took the day before alcoholic drinks?“ She according to nodded. So, alcohol - the faithful companion of a motion sickness. It is the fact. by

Correctly choose the place

All long trip in the bus the heroine of our article stayed on the most back seat in salon. It was heard as its earphones the dance music literally rumbles. If the sufferer initially accommodated in head part of the bus, perhaps, everything would be differently: ahead of and in the middle of the bus least of all rocks to sleep. Even in “head“ of the passenger train a motion sickness is less, than in “tail“.

Accept antihistaminic preparations for the night

the Human body when it live what only does not develop! It does not develop enough health, money, happiness and other lovely things. And the histamine makes substances under the name much. It promotes a motion sickness and excitingly affects the centers of activity of a brain. Having an allergy, for example, to dust ticks that in millions live in bedding and mattresses, cannot often fall asleep because at an allergy in an organism there is a surplus of a histamine.

If at night before long travel to accept an anti-allergenic or somnolent preparation with antihistaminic activity, then you will kill “three hares and one predator at once“. A predator in this case - a histamine. And “hares“ are that.

In - the first: as the histamine works excitingly, reception of an antihistaminic preparation will make your nerves pacified.

In - the second: due to decrease in nervousness many functions of an organism, including vestibular mechanism, will begin to work more harmoniously.

Follow simple rules of conduct before a trip

If you know that in transport you or your child rocks to sleep, it is necessary to follow the elementary rules. First of all, try to relax. It is not necessary to twirl by the head in different directions . The vehicle as land, and especially air, so swings - stirs here and there. And here if the head moves backwards - forward, to the left - to the right … Full, it turns out, paradise for a motion sickness!

Many students of medical schools know that in a skull is concentrated a brain . If to shake it, then and the vestibular mechanism is shaken up as if an egg flip in the mixer. It is the best of all to have a sleep if it is about the plane or the train. An inflatable small pillow under a headboard and - “hrapaka“...

As you understand that you thoroughly, solidly felt sick, it is necessary that the stomach was filled. And if the stomach is empty? Then will incline over a package there is nothing. Therefore before a long trip it is useful to hunger. And the figure will direct to perfection, and the bus driver in Cambodia, for example, will fiercely not hate you...

A question of music to the road - disputable . The prompt, shouting, rumbling music destabilizes a vestibular mechanism. There is other opinion: the soft, weakening music will not damage.

It seems, the simplest decision to avoid a motion sickness in transport - to take a specialized motion sickness pill. But they are often not enough of one, and, what is far more important, they have contraindications. It is better and more reliable to use several above described methods and recommendations, or before travel to consult with the doctor.