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The stubborn child - result of unreasonable behavior of parents of

Each married couple can fully consider himself happy if in their house there is at least one child. Children, in any generation, always were and will be our future, our most important step forward.

Children, on truth, life flowers which we grow up with love and care. They bring noise and din in our life. Bring joy from the first step and disappointment from the first fight. We train from them lawyers and managers, artists and musicians, we surround with caress and heat.

Children reciprocate to us too! They give us the smiles, the embraces, lovely drawings and warm words! All this also is family idyll which fills the house with a cosiness and harmony.

“When the child grew up, for parents this is a high time to learn to stand on own legs“ there was one of the most beloved phrases of Fransis Houp. And really so. Over time priorities change. At your beloved child the transition period begins, and he in every way tries to move away from a family, to show the independence and a maturity. He ignores requests and councils of parents. Tries as it seems to it, to leave in “people“.

Of course, parents notice these changes and try to influence the child in every possible way. But methods which they apply it is poorly told useless! Unless it is possible to explain with shout and a manhandling to the teenager though something? Very much I doubt. As Luule Viilma “The child staying under a fear press spoke it is hypocritical, and its protest develops from exasperation into rage. At the same time his self-respect is forever lost“. Similar methods very painful for the child, and the more so, not effective. That education left sense, you have to understand that aggression is only protective reaction, and the more you try to calm down the child, the more it is heated!

And, above all remember two most, in my opinion, important things:

- Shout you will not achieve anything!!! The child will only begin to consider you as the enemy!

- Never you speak badly about the teenager`s friends. Friends are a part it still to - will of short life, they its support and a support. Even if friends are also really not so good, let the child will understand it, to him it will be only a lesson. How many would not speak “Study on others mistakes!“, use has more from the.

- Never, you hear, never deride the guy or the girl of your teenager! In - the first - he will not listen to you, in - the second - he will become isolated, and any more will never share with you the secrets!
But the most important - just try to understand the child, it part you, your blood and flesh, your thoughts and actions! Eventually, he will understand that you not the enemy, but the friend, and will listen to all of you heart!